Coffee Conversations


// Tegan //
Something New: 
  Dan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on tuesday! It was such a great day, we got to just spend the whole day doing whatever we wanted, we haven't done that in months, so it was really fun, going out for a few meals, movie, thrifting, it was just what I needed!
 Something Inspiring: I thrifted an amazing fall jacket I'm so excited about, I haven't hit the thrift store jackpot in a while but I found some great wire baskets and candles and books that I love which is always a treat!
Something Disturbing:
This may not technically be disturbing (also very #firstworldproblems) but I started thinking about when the last time I saw a movie was (in the theatre), and it was months ago, and oh man I feel pretty lame typing this right now but if you knew Dan and I and our love for going out and watching movies and how often we did it in Australia, it makes me a teeny bit sad, I think this is my third this year, which is crazy, for me, and let's just say the trailers for the new movies I enjoyed almost as much as the movie....also Elysium is a great, entertaining flick.

Something I'm Listening To:
  I'm still listening to the new Yes Nice album, i don't think I've played anything other than that all week! but I am really excited about the new John Mayer, I'm a big fan of his last album, anyone heard the new one? 

// Lindsay //
Something New:
This week has been really adventurous for me and the boys on tour. We have visited New Mexico, Colorado, and now we are in Utah. We went to the most magical place maybe that I have ever been. It was called Antelope Island and as soon as I got out of the van I felt like I was in the beginning scene of A goofy Movie (when max has the dream of roxanne in the golden fields.. anyone??) There was buffalo!! Just hanging out in the fields. So cool. We climbed these huge rocks, and it was sunny and warm but also stormy over the water. We ended up swimming in the Salt Lake, it was incredible. You FLOAT! I have never had a swimming experience like that before, I felt like a mermaid, with no insecurities of drowning or getting weak. We ended up walking half the lake because it was no deeper than our knees. It was so so cool, floating for hours.

 Something Inspiring:
I have been reading a book lately called "crazy love" by Francis Chan. It has been an incredible book so far, really challenging me and causing me to view the Lord and his love for me and you, at a whole new level. In one of the first chapters it tells you to watch <this>  and <this> video. Every day at many moments throughout, I think about that video, and about how big and glorious the Lord is, yet how he cares about us so deeply, so intricately about every detail of our lives. Did you know a caterpillar has over 200 muscles in its head? Have you ever thought about how plants defy gravity by pulling water up from the ground into its stems and leaves? Have you thought about how many different laughs the Lord has created in us for different emotions? It's so beautiful, our Heavenly Father cares so much about the details.. and his beauty is all around us. Just sit back and look around. How great is our God...?!

Something Disturbing: So, on tour my friend Benjamin has been challenging me daily to do things that scare me, and conquer my fears. Yesterday I was really creeped out at a cocroach that scampered on by. Later in the night he came up to me and told me to put out my hand, I did.. thinking he was giving me a leaf (I am constantly grabbing crispy leaves and crunching them in my hands, and I assumed he was handing me one.. i know weird..) and I open my hand and he says "Hey look! You are holding a cocroach!" I looked down and SCREAMED and threw the dang thing on the ground and ran into the street, fell on the ground, and screamed for a good 5 minutes. SICK. right? Sick. But, I conquered my fear!

Something I'm Listening To: This is completely out of my control: I have been listening to a lot of One Direction, and Taylor Swift. A few of the boys looove One Direction and we all sort of go crazy in the van (mainy them).



Something New:  We find out the sex of our baby this week! Our ultrasound is on monday and then we get to pick up the mysterious envelope within the next 2 days. I'm sooooo excited! People always ask right away if you're going to find out, and I've known since day one, Definitely! Majority of people look a little disappointed haha like your spoiling christmas, and have no self control. But, I cannot wait to know who this little person is! We already have a boy and girl name picked out so to be able to call them by name and feel like we know who is in there rather than having to call the baby "it" for these next 5 months is really special to me. I feel like in the hospital when I give birth the excitement of finally getting hold and meet this little one is enough for me, I don't feel like I'll be missing out without the gender surprise. RIght now we both feel like it's a girl... so we'll seeeee!

Something Inspiring: C. S. Lewis, What an inspiring writer. I'm always blown away at the way his mind works and his ability to to beautifully communicate it. Truly gifted. I shared an amazing quote from him on my personal blog today.

Something Disturbing: How involved my heart is in The Office. I have seen every single episode mullttiippplleee times, but I laugh harder than I ever laugh, I cringe often, and I even cry every time we make our way through the seasons. We're actually watching it as I'm typing this, it's right in the middle of Jim and Pams relationship unfolding, and my heart is all tied up in knots.

Something I'm Listening to: Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground. David is obsessed with his song! He wakes up and turns it on super loud, doing entire body head banging the whole time he gets ready, I've grown to really love it. 


* these photos were taken a few weeks ago over a lovely summer picnic we enjoyed before lindsay left for tour, the recipes for the sandwiches will be coming up on monday's mmmmonday post!