Coffee Conversations // At F As In Frank


// Bethany //
Something New: 
I cut my hair... I didn't want to cut it, but it was soooo dead! It was shorter than it was 6 months ago just because it wad breaking like crazy. I would really love to have long healthy hair so I decided that It was time to start fresh! 

Something Inspiring: We've been brainstorming for Treasures & Travels Fall/Winter 2013, and It's getting me pumped up! We're also going to be setting up a studio space which is a dreaammmm, I cannot wait to have an inspiring place where we can all work together! 

Something Disturbing: I have to go get blood taken today.. one of the preggo perks. I remembered last night that I have to go and get it done and I started getting light headed and sweating, I reallllyyy hate blood and needles. 

Something I'm Listening To: She & Him, Bon Iver, Regina Spektor. These are some of the artists I always go back to. The last few days have been a little grey and not so summery, and these albums always get me excited for fall. 


Something New: I am currently in New Mexico! Just before this we were in Arizona, and it was insanely HOT! 44degrees everyday. On our last night there, we ran outside because it started raining! I have never experienced standing in the warm air at 12am, and having it pour. Nothing like it. As we stood outside in the rain, thunder and lightening started in the sky, and all of a sudden we were standing in an Arizona summer monsoon. It was crazy. Such a cool moment.  

 Something Inspiring: I watched a movie called 'Amazing Grace' with the boys, and there was a quote that said "It seems to me, that if there is a bad taste in your mouth, you spit it out. You don't constantly swallow it back. " It reminded me of a quote from a dear friend who said "if it's poison, get rid of it". It made me reflect on things in my life that may be damaging or harmful to myself or others around me. Whether it's bitterness you have toward someone, jealousy, feeling labeled, or even the feeling of not being worthy or good enough for our Heavenly father, or even our friends or family around us. (etc, the list tends to go on, right..?) Ultimately, taking those things and instead of swallowing them back, and in a way shoving them aside, instead confront them and spit them out of your mouth. Get rid of it. The Lord doesn't want us to be wallowing in lies, or harmful things. You know? Get rid of it.

Something Disturbing: While driving from San Diego to Arizona, the lead singer of our band, Grant, has been riding his motorcycle in front of our van for the WHOLE tour. It's a super cool experience for him, but we didn't really expect the heat here to be SO intense. Such Canadians, eh? He got heat stroke pretty bad on the first ride into Arizona. We are also driving in our van with No AC, and we can open the windows but then it just feels like you are being hit in the face with 5 blow dryers. Hydration is essential and hopefully we don't die out here in this desert land.

 Something I'm Listening To: Lately on tour I have been listening to a Vancouver band called Brasstronaut. They are a super unique band including instruments like trumpet and clarinet. Fun music. Take a listen!

// Tegan //
Something New: 
I've been busy! This is new for me! Other than the few weeks in July where Kalos was full on with our pop up shop and folk fest, I have not had a whole lot going on! I have loved it and been really enjoying lots of time to relax and just be in the city, but I feel like it's definitely been a season for me and coming into the Fall it definitely won't look the same as it has these last few months! This last week has been non-stop, just lots of appointments and driving, etc....and I say bring it on, I'm excited for September!

Something Inspiring: Making money is inspiring. I know talking about money is a touchy subject that we as humans like to avoid, but I'll be honest, it is something Dan and I have not had since we have moved back to Canada in December. We've been broke, in debt, maxed out our credit cards (just being honest!) we had a lot of unexpected payments and fees thrown on us when we picked our lives back up and with me not finding steady work that did not help us recover! But it is amazing how faithful God has been to us, Dan has been working his butt off and I'm so grateful, but there were months where we didn't know how the heck we would get money in the bank account so our rent check would go through, and every time God would provide a gig for Dan or one of us got payed early, always something, He always came through and has been taking care of us. We finally have started crawling out of this hole of debt, or down the mountain, ha ha whichever analogy works. This is not a fun way to live, it's uncomfortable, awkward and I feel like I can't be myself when I can't be generous and it's just not for me, I'm really excited to start working again and really glad Dan is getting his business off the ground and pursuing it full time now, I don't want to speak too soon, but I'm pretty confident the worst is over, and that's my little rant, sorry if it made you uncomfortable :) 

Something Disturbing: You could probably put my inspiring in the same category as disturbing?
 Something I'm Listening To: 
I've been listening to the brand new album by a Vancouver band called Yes Nice. I heard this for the first time last week while driving home on a warm Summer's night after a long hot tub and a beer with friends, it was perfect. I looove it, the album is called Warm Gun, and my favorite track is number 6, you should buy this album, it's perfect Summer music, I Love it! Get it on iTunes here >>