Homemade // Coconut & Lime


I (Tegan) have been using lime in place of my deodorant for the last few months, it's amazing. When my mom went through everything with her breast cancer in the spring it made me so aware of not only everything I'm putting into my body but also what I'm putting on to my body that is getting absorbed into my skin. I always just used the regular Lady Speed Stick brand of deodorant and I remember it always made me itch! My skin was constantly irritated so I bought a natural one but it just did not work, AT ALL! So I went back to what worked and then a few weeks later my sister-in-law told me about lime! She would cut it up into about 8 slices, so 1 lime would last just over a week, I tried it and could not believe how well it worked! (side note, do NOT squeeze it on after you shave! it is an awful, terrible feeling!) I have been using it almost everyday except for days I forget to the night before and need to shave (oh summer). I recently heard that coconut oil also does an amazing job as a deodorant! I tried that and it didn't do quite as good of a job as the lime, but coconut oil, and then lime? Jackpot! and you know all those bath & body works coconut/lime scented everything's that are amazing? Yah. It smells great.

I'm still looking for a good natural deodorant I can have to throw in my purse when I'm running out the door, but so far haven't had any luck! Do you have any suggestions?