Whatcha Wearing Wednesday // F As In Frank

31 dayslindsaywearingcutepurpleboots.jpg

F As In Frank is a fantastic store located just north of broadway on Main Street in Vancouver! When we popped in the shop a few weeks ago to pick out our outfits for this post we were greeted by the loveliest of ladies! The girls who run the shop are so helpful and really fun! Their shop carries a huge selection of really great vintage pieces, tons of denim shorts, tees, shoes, actually when we were in there we were saying we could fill our closets with only items from this store and be so happy, their style is everything we love! They do a lot of work with their pieces, making adorable, trendy, cute fitting dresses, shorts, tops with old vintage clothing that you wouldn't think anyone could make look good! 

Always eco-conscious, F AS IN FRANK runs fundraising events for various environmental charities and works hard to keep moving forward in maintaining a green work environment.

A few times a year, they hold a fill-a-bag sale in the alley behind the shop. After these events, hundreds of pounds of clothing are donated to the homeless of Vancouver and Toronto.

Check out their facebook and website (& online store! Yay!) and if you're in Vancouver or Toronto, definitely check them out!