Show & Tell


// Lindsay // Ever since I moved to Vancouver, I have been loving JJ bean coffee. It may be my favourite drip coffee in Van that I have tried so far. Not only do they have great coffee but their muffins are THE best. Chocolate chip zucchini muffins, pumpkin cranberry, blueberry bran.. they are so big and scrumptious.


// Bethany // mmmmmm mango! I know it's not some fancy loose leaf organic tea, but I still love it. Hot or Cold. I have it hot with some soy creamer and stevia, or make a big jug of it iced and add a little honey. I recommend it ;) 


// Tegan //  This is really great coffee. It's called Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee, and my sister-in-law works for them doing demo's in different stores in the lower mainland! Dan and I drink it daily! It's so yummy, we've been making really great use of our fantastic espresso machine we got for a wedding gift, and have been making lattes everyday, yum.