Coffee Conversations


// Lindsay //
Something New:
I am on tour for the month of August, driving around the country with 5 boys in one van, followed by our bandmate on his motorcycle. I just played my first show in the USA, ever. Seattle was up first, next is Portland. So far we have stayed in 2 lovely homes, and got to go paddle boarding which I have always wanted to try! The boys are outside playing slam ball and we are about to go thrift shopping. Lots of new adventures heading my way!

Something Inspiring: We played with a lovely band called The Cellar Door, and they played such beautiful music with amazingly pure harmonies. They played one song in particular that tugged on my heart strings, it was called "Silent Avenue" and the place just went silent. To see people singing about their faith in such a passionate way was really something special.
 Something Disturbing: How much Mcdonalds we have had on this tour already... I am ashamed. Sometimes you just don't have a choice.

 Something Im listening to: The Cellar Door! We also wake up to Lianna La Havas as a band quite often.



 // Tegan //
Something New: 
I'm doing a 31 day challenge with myself, I blogged about it on my personal blog, you can find here >> . Lindsays friend Claire inspired me by telling me about a girl who wore a little black dress every day for a year, she did it for a really great cause, I'm just doing it for myself, for only a month, but I think it's going to be good.
 Something Inspiring:  I have been cooking up a storm this week, it's been really fun. I know I'm probably crazy to turn on my oven with the hot weather we've been having, but it's just so rewarding to me to start from scratch with a bunch of flour and blackberries and end up with a beautiful, tasty pie, or granola, or tortilla soup...mmm....
 Something Disturbing: Ok this didn't happen this week, but it was a few weeks ago and I totally forgot to share it! I was at a music festival in Port Alberni with Dan who was playing one of his last gigs with Hey Ocean! Ashleigh, the singer, she bought a few of those big confetti canons (you know, the ones you twist and they explode with confetti, so fun). So one of the other girlfriends and I were supposed to run on stage at the end of their last song and let out this big explosion of confetti, well, I was so excited, super pumped, I led the way so confidently to the middle of the stage, twist....twist...twisting with all my strength...nothing. Ambrosia's went off perfectly, so much confetti, crowd loved it, I run off stage, how embarrassing, the sound guy ended up getting it to work, but it didn't come easy for him, which made me feel quite relieved it was a bit of a dud, you know those bad dreams you have where you're trying to run with all your might but you're soooo sluuuggiissshhh, that was how it felt, oh well, at least it was a hippie festival and let's just say there were few people in their right mind, haha, so it wasn't too embarrassing. 
Something I'm Listening To: 
I honestly haven't listened to anything other than By Divine Right this week, I know they're what I was listening to last week, but I really just am obsessed with the new album, it's amazing.


Something Inspiring: To be honest over the past few my months my inspiration level has been at an all time low. I've been feeling exhausted (since there is another human being inside of who seems to think they need all my energy these days...) and a little burnt out trying to balance blogs, hair, and our crazy summer schedule. We're currently at Green Bay Bible Camp (it's a summer camp that my in-laws run) and I've gotten the chance to just spend the last week swimming in the lake, laying on the beach, having good talks, and not making one single meal. It's been great and I'm also excited to get back home and just spend the next while getting back to normal and getting inspired again. I miss being kept up at night because I'm thinking of new ideas and taking photos of everyday life just because I'm inspired by it. I'm excited to get back to my normal self. 

Something New:  David and I have both been thinking up some tattoo ideas lately... (sorry mama) Since I can't get tattooed while pregnant I've decided that it can be my "birthing present" ;) 

Something Disturbing: I am currently sitting on my in-laws porch and watching my husband and father-in-law through the glass door chase each other around the house with pellet guns. I see one run by, then the other, and then my mother-in-law a couple seconds behind trying to control them. Before this David assigned outrageous auto-correct's all my most frequently used words in my phone. "David" = "Sexy Hubby", "Hey" = "Bum Bum", "Yay" = "Fantabulous that is so so so so wonderful"... and the list continues. Sometimes the boy that I see come out in David when he's home with his family can be a bit disturbing hehe, but I love it. 

Something I'm Listening to: Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill. This will always be one of my favourite albums. Love her.