Coffee Conversations


Lindsay //

Something New// This week has been packed from early morning to late nights!! Lot's of preparations for summer are happening, which is VERY exciting!! Ton's of glueing, sewing, buying, shopping, cleaning, organizing & even painting! Tegan, Bethy and I have been getting ready for our PARTY this TUESDAY- Which you should all come out to if you are in Vancouver! 

Something Inspiring// A customer came into the cafe that I work in, and I asked him how his day was going. He replied, "Well my day is always amazing! I can't complain if I am not down in the ditch" His response made me laugh and it was a bit dramatic, Buuuut..  it is true. I have been realizing a lot lately the value of a day, the choices you make within each day.. whether that is simply in your own emotions and how you deal with situations, or how you treat people around you, what you bring to others and their day.. How important is each word that comes out of your mouth and how it either affects people in a positive or negative way. It is so simple, but it is so important to look at the things within your life that bring you joy and dwell upon those things, and search for those things in other's lives. Life is short, I am trying to be so aware of every day that I live, and how I live it. 

Something disturbing//  I was at my good friends Steven & Joe's house after a band practice, and I was sitting in their living room with their family. While we were all talking, their cat came through their open front door with a mouse hanging out of its mouth moving it's feet trying to get away. It was painfully disgusting. It reminded me of times growing up when our dog would catch possums and chase us with them.  Sick stuff. 

Something you're listening to// Yesterday, Tegan Bethy and I all went, along with many many good friends, to see We Are The City play their CD release. It was incredible. I am so full of joy for the things those boys are doing. They are just amazing and we love them so much. Look them up, they are always pushing the limits when it comes to creativity within music & when you think they can't do something, they do it, and blow everyone away. 



Bethany // 

Something New //  I have lots new, I'll tell you tomorrow! 

Something Inspiring //  Last night my husbands band We Are The City played a show in Vancouver. It was really special, It was at a bigger venue, they're were lots of people there so excited to hear they're music and they played an amazing show. (I know I have to say these things because I'm his wife. But really, it was wonderful!) I felt so proud of those guys. I was just standing to the side smiling and beaming with love!

Something Disturbing //  They're are SO many spiders at our house right now! We live outside of the city in a house completely surrounded by trees and creeks and weird plants. My husband has an intense fear of spiders, and I have heard him yell/squeal a lot these past few days! Yesterday I picked a flower and a totally white spider with a but the size of my thumb crawled out on my finger... They give me the heeby geebies!

Something I'm Listening To // Jack White. I really love that guy, he's cool, weird, and makes good music! Finally got the Blunderbuss album so it's been playing through the house these past few days.  


Something New// We have lots of fun new Kalos products we can't wait to sell in our Pop Up shop( on Tuesday, (and Folk Fest on the 19-21!) We've been doing lots of stitching/gluing/sewing/dyeing to make some pieces we love and hope others do too! We'll start posting some previews this weekend, see you at the party?

Something Inspiring// I know we've said it before, but we got some really kind emails this week from readers, and it makes us feel so inspired. Words of affirmation is one of my love languages, so it means a lot to read kind words about what we do here on our blog! After Alt Summit we've been feeling pretty motivated and excited to keep doing what we're doing and grow our business and blog!

Something Disturbing// So with the weather being insanely nice this past week, our apartment has been hot, with windows fully open all night, I have heard some very strange things in the morning. One being this very old man who is the slowest walker ever, walking by with a cane, stopping every other step to make the grossest sounds with his nose, horks, spits, walks a few steps (you can hear his cane) and repeat. It's so gross, it woke me up 3 mornings in a row, he's so loud, thankfully today we got a fan and it drowned out the noise so I won't be hearing "hork man" any more. 

Something I'm Listening To// We Are The City's new album "Violent"! They played their CD release in Vancouver last night and it was an insanely great show, so proud of those boys, they are so so so talented!