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Koakai is based out of East Beach, White Rock, BC, (our hometown!) Erica and Crystal are the two creative sisters who founded this company. We LOVE what they stand for and can't wait to rock some "White Rock Local" Snapbacks of our own! 

They are giving away a White Rock Edition Summertime SnapBack in Kelly Green! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter {@koakaisupplyco.}  Make sure if you're a White Rock Local, go and say hello at the Spirit of the Sea Festival this Saturday/Sunday from 10am-10pm. They will be located at the end of east beach in Koakai the Kombi. 

A bit more about Koakai:
What we are trying to do is establish a sense of 'Aloha on da Mainland' by creating products that are 'Made for Locals'. The influence of the Hawaiian side of our upbringing was a huge part of starting this effort here. The Hawaiians are very aware of what it means to be a local and local pride in your community and respecting da aina. We've got such an incredible little piece of BC here that it drove Cryst and I nuts that we couldn't get any goods to rep our area yet everyone in the area drives around with 'maui built' stickers on their cars.... We are also trying to inspire the younger generations to get outside, get active, appreciate what we've been given and take care of it. So basically in a nut shell it comes down to just 'golden rule living', taking care of the land that will take care of us and in turn it will inspire us to take care of each other because it provides a common ground to relate if everyone is passionate about maintaining the beauty of the land and keeping our beaches a sacred place here. HOMEGROWN is what we are going for. So we are 'Born in BC, Inspired in HI'. 
 >> To WIN the Kelly Green "White Rock Local" Snapback, follow Koakai Supply Co. on Facebook here >> and leave a comment below telling us where you're from! <<