Coffee Conversations


Tegan //
Something Inspiring: 
Lindsay's best friend Claire from Wisconsin has been here for the past few weeks, and it's been so much fun hanging out and getting to know her. We had some magical days hanging around the city and biking a lot, swimming in the ocean, watching breakfast club under the stars. Claire made this amazing apricot pie. It was so good, Linds, our friend Elaine, and I biked down to this little spot under the Cambie bridge, ate apricot pie and listened to lots of random people play the outdoor piano they have set up near by, and drank wine. It was great, just a perfect night.
Something New:
 I have found some insanely great thrifting purchases lately, how good of a feeling is that? I found a few dresses these past few weeks that I know will be in my closet for years, just classic, great fitting pieces, don't you just love the feeling of finding a dress you can't live without, and it's only $4?
Something Disturbing: 
Well, I finally did it, I cracked my iPhone screen, it was bound to happen, I mean, I drop it a lot, every time I do I just pray it's ok. Not so much this time, sharp pointy rocks don't really forgive... oh well.
Something I'm Listening To:  
 This >>  These are good friends of Dan's from Toronto and they ran into each other the other day and Dan brought home the new By Divine Right album, which has been playing non. stop. I had a long drive the other day and listened to the album 3 times in a row and it just kept growing on me each time. Such great melodies and catchy songs, I love it.



Something Inspiring:  Last week I ended up going to Vancouver Island for a small one week tour with my band, Behind Sapphire. My best friend Claire was visiting from the Chicago area and I hadn't seen her for 2 years! The Island holds a lot of dear memories, and I feel like I always have a magical time adventuring around there. We ended up staying in our friend Morgan's house whose family graciously opened their home to us. They happened to be a foster home, and have had over 40 children come and be encouraged and loved by their family.  It was such a beautiful thing to see, such loving people with completely open arms. While we were there, we actually had the honour of watching a little baby boy being adopted into their family. It was such a beautiful moment watching Tracy (Morgan's mom) pull up to the house and walk down the driveway the first time with her new baby in her arms. What a precious moment, and felt so grateful for my time in their dear home. 

Something New:  My band is releasing a new EP called "Jailbirds" and we have an indiegogo campain on the go, trying to raise $5000 so we can tour the USA! We have been on tour across Canada a few times, Alaska, and even China, but we have never toured the US, and we sure hope to do so :) You can watch the video here!

 Something Disturbing: I'm really being vulnerable with this one.. I was driving to Seattle and was chatting in the car with my friends Elaine and Claire about putting yourself out there when it comes to guys you just meet, and what you should/should not do. I was quick to remember the time I was SHUT DOWN when being surprisingly bold. I was telling them about a time that I met a guy who worked at a grocery store, and I was slightly smitten. He had given me directions to a music venue a few blocks away and we started chatting about our bands/music...etc.... Elaine and I left the store, and a few hours later we decided it would be a good idea if I called him at work to invite him to the show he was directing us to. As I was telling this story to my friend Claire, I almost choked on my words when I realized that I phoned him at work- and got his employees to track him down in his store and talk to me... that girl. He never showed up, in fact.. I was brave enough to send him a facebook message and In my jumbled paragraph I remember using the words "you are intriguing" and in his short reply I remember everything he wrote "thanks, I think you're pretty cool too champ". Champ?! Oy. That was embarrassing. Okay buddy ol pal. Shut down. 

Something I'm Listening To: My friend Claire showed me her friends band called Wild Belle. They are a brother-sister duo and they are incredibly talented! I love their music and have been listening to them all week. Beauty- check em out!! 




Something Inspiring:  A huge box arrive at my door this week from my good friend Chelsey (who is also preggo!). She loaded a box full of things to keep pregnant me happy. Tons of sour candy, a novel, a cookbook, a magazine, loads of nail polish, a head scarf that was her grandmas, I was just blown away when I cut open this box and found all these treats surrounded with cut out hearts. It just made my week! Sometimes you just need a little love from friends, and the timing was perfect. You can read her refreshingly honest blog here

Something New: I got to see our baby for the first time at an ultrasound this week. It was pretty amazing, it was just laying on its back kicking it's legs and reaching its arms up above its head. I was just in awe that there is this tiny little person with all its body parts, moving around, sucking its thumb, and hiccuping inside my stomach. I'm already SO anxious for it to come out! I want to hold it! 

Something Disturbing:  My clothes are starting to not fit anymore, which is more exciting than disturbing actually. Unless you had to witness me squeeze myself into a denim pencil skirt yesterday (Sorry Tegan & Lindsay!). It's just weird to go from pretty much always being the same size to having no idea whats going to fit. Last night David and I went swimsuit shopping, and I tried on pretty much every single size in every single style, he patiently went back and forth from the change room to the rack for me...

Something I'm Listening to: Yesterday David and I drove to Vancouver and put my ipod on shuffle. This is always a fun time since I've had this ipod since grade 7. We press skip about 90% of the time, trying to get away from simple plan, fall out boy, and all of the other preteen angsty bands I adored.
We're heading to Kelowna today, about a 4 hour drive. So we need some new albums for the drive and our trip... so hit me up!