Show & Tell


Tegan // Husband does it again, this year for my birthday, Daniel surprised me with an Instax Camera! I've been wanting one of these for years and always talk about how great it would be to have one. He wasn't really supposed to get me anything for my birthday, but I came home from New York, (we had just missed seeing each other by minutes at the airport, he was heading East for some shows the day I got home!) I came home and he had our kitchen table all decorated with a lovey-dovey note, tons of cactuses, and this camera all wrapped up with a bunch of packs of film! I'm having fun with it, it captures those special moments soooo well.


Bethany // I got these soaps at Bath & Body Works a couple weeks ago, they have a sale '5 for $15' on soap. So I took full advantage! They smell AMAZING. After you wash your hands it smells like you just put perfume on, and whole bathroom smells like it all the time. I know, I know, It's just soap. But I'm a girl, I like these things. 


Lindsay //  This scarf is from Mintage, a cute vintage shop on Commercial drive. I always pass by this store on my way to work and am always tempted to take a quick peek. They have lot's of great deals, and just some amazing amazing finds. This scarf is awesome and there are many more where they came from!