Show & Tell


Old Faithful Shop is a really cool shop in Gastown, Vancouver. It's filled with good quality back to basic goods. Lot's of unique kitchen accessories, vintage light bulbs, books, toiletries. The type of things you know will last a long a time, full of character. I don't know anyone who has walked in there and not swooned over every single thing. If you're in Vancouver it is a must visit! 


Lindsay // I absolutely love this book. I was drawn to it because of its resemblance to my favorite childhood book "Green Eggs and Ham." There are so many good recipes and the drawings are so beautiful!


Tegan // I love trying new syrups and sweeteners in my coffee. French press is my favorite way to drink a nice big cup of joe, and this syrup is so good with it. I finally watched the documentary "Food Inc." last night, so I especially love that there are no artificial sweeteners or dyes, and no high fructose corn syrup! If you haven't seen that documentary, do it, it was very, very informative!


Bethany // Look at this bread board, how cool?! I will forever be finding cute things to add to my kitchen, it's one of the rooms I spend most of my time in, so why not. When I saw this Old Faithful Shop Board I fell in love. You can buy one online here