Coffee Conversations


Lindsay //

Something New // 
This week I went to Trader Joes and bought unsweetened apple sauce for baking. Ended up eating it by the spoonful while I was at work one day and was SO surprised at how amazing it is. People kept making fun of me for being a baby, or a child.. I'm sure we all grew up eating different flavored apple sauce from those plastic containers with the tinfoil lids. ANYWAY. It is amazing with cinnamon or in oatmeal! Anyone have any suggestions on what else apple sauce is amazing on??

Something Inspiring  // Ditto to what Tegan said. This week was my first time ever biking around the whole seawall! My Dad was so excited to walk Stanley park again as soon as he found out it was rated the 2nd most beautiful park in the world. It's funny the things you forget to see and appreciate, when it is right around the corner from you. It is incredibly beautiful and I am so excited to bike it WAY more often. I can't even imagine how glorious it will be listening to Sufjan Stevens Age of Adz and biking that seawall, I might die of joy.

Something Disturbing  //   I was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes, and smelled pot. Immediately my roommates and I run to the vents because we assume its our basement/karaoke/party men, but then we quickly realized it was skunk. We were lead to the front door and a skunk had sprayed right on our porch! I am pretty sure they live under our house. Our porch and house stunk for DAYS.

 Something I'm Listening To // This week I have been searching for bands to tour with across the states, and I came across this band from LA called Hi Ho Silver Oh and I became a huge fan! Listening to it a lot.


Tegan //
Something New:
 I have been biking a lot this week! It all started Sunday afternoon when I joined Lindsay and my parentals for a walk around Stanley Park and it inspired me! Monday morning Dan and I took our bikes down and rode the Sea Wall (my first time ever, I know, crazy). It was so sunny, so nice, stopped halfway and dug our toes in the sand and relaxed in the sun! Yesterday was my third time back at the beach, and well, my butt hurts from so much biking but that's ok, also, my bike is just a single gear so it's a really great work out when there's any sort of hill, but my body is loving me for it.

Something Inspiring: I don't want to talk about biking again, but I will. I feel so inspired when I'm on my bicycle, riding along the water, sun shining, I have so much time to think and just slow down. I hadn't ridden in a few years but I finally got my lovely yellow bike from my parents house to my apartment for the summer and can't wait to ride it everyday. 
Something Disturbing // 
 I am just going to be honest here, I have had a bit of a hard week, I have been looking for a job for months, when I woke up on June 1, I cried, I could not get out of bed, thankfully I have an amazing, encouraging husband who helps me see things clearly, but it is a bit disturbing that it's already JUNE and I'm not working! Ack. I'll find one.  
Something I'm Listening To:
Spice World. The CD has been in our car this week and I can't help but to car dance, roll down the windows and sing along to "Never Give Up On The Good Times." Do it, I promise it will brighten your day!


Bethany // 

Something New: My husbands band, We Are The City, released their new album, Violent, this week. From hearing the demos of these songs so long ago, to hearing everything done and put together I'm so proud of these guys for making such an amazing record. They are also featured on iTunes "Free Single of the Week", pretty awesome! So head to iTunes and get your free song! 
Something Inspiring:  I started re-reading the book; Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller this week. I don't read very often but I've felt tired lately and it's been just a nice way to relax in the sun. I really love all of Donald Miller's books. I highly recommend "Blue Like Jazz" I haven't read it in years, but It still inspires me. 
Something Disturbing: I found out there are 8 seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians (I know I'm behind), not just the 4 on Netflix. enough said. 
Something I'm Listening to:  I downloaded the Beyonce album, 4. It's very out of character for me but I've been craving some R&B lately. Lots of Beyonce, Kanye, and Rihanna happening around here.