Happy Birthday Tegan!

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25 things we ADORE about our lovely Tegan//

1. She always wear the trends before they are trends (plaid way back in high school when I (linds) thought it was dorky) 
2. Her name means "Beautiful" which perfectly fits. (Kalos in Greek) 
3. She loves Icecream Cake from Dairy Queen
4. She used to have a leopard stuffed animal and named her Leopardina
5. She loves JJ bean chocolate zucchini muffins
6. Her & Dan's love for documentary nights 
7. She is never one to miss a Disney song lyric
8. She use to keep drumsticks in her car when she met dan so she could practice her drumming rhythm's on the steering wheel (DANGEROUS)
9. Her & Dan both have yellow bikes
10. She has our business name tattood on her foot ;) (okay, so she actually had it before, we named our business after it) 
11. She has the most beautiful singing voice
12. She was obsessed with Tweety growing up
13. Lindsay has a matching sisters tattoo with Tegan
14. She keeps us on top of things (we tend to be forgetful) 
15. She always feeds us when we come over when we forget to bring food (see above)
16. She was Sporty Spice in dances growing up 
17. Her & Dan create & perform amazing music together
18. She loves Aztec & almost any cool bright print 
19. Her boyfriend growing up was Nick from the Backstreet Boys
20. She is Pocahontas 
21.  She loves pink, ANYthing Pink 
22. She loves corn dogs & croutons & cookie dough icecream
23. Her & Dan lived in a Van (that they painted chevron and named her Betty) for two months, made music & drove across Australia .. Isn't that everyone's dream!?
25. Tegan is so much fun, we love her to bits, she is passionate about this business and it is such a Joy to work with her. We love you so much TEGAN!!!!!! 


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