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We have a lovely giveaway by Noble Candles! A few weeks ago I stopped by an "Etsy Pop Up Shop" at West Elm here in Vancouver and bought some adorable birthday candles! I went home and looked on their Etsy shop because I was so in love with these candles and they so kindly wanted to do a giveaway to our readers! We have a set of 6 tea lights, birthday candles, and double tapers! Make sure you check out their Etsy Shop, and enter below to win!

Noble & Co. is a small Vancouver based candle company started by Evelyn Neves that only uses 100% Canadian Beeswax. Each one is carefully hand dipped in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible! 

a little more about Noble & Co....

"I started Noble & Co. because I believe in the simple romance that candles create. So, starting with a bucket of raw beeswax from my bee keeper Avô (Portuguese Grandpa) my all natural candle adventure began! In my opinion beeswax is one of Mother Nature’s greatest achievements. 

I decided to represent Noble & Co. with the Alchemical symbol for air because beeswax fuel is the only type that releases negative ions into the air and believe it or not negative ions are good for us! They attach to positive ions (which hold allergens and pollution) and force them to drop the allergens to the ground, making your air pure and healthy in a 100% natural way! Being a seasonal allergy sufferer myself and knowing that there’s a natural way to help keep my sneezing subdued is pretty exciting! 

I pride myself on supporting other Canadians through my craft and I am so happy to share my passion with you! I love what I do and I hope your readers love it too!"
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