Coffee Conversations


// Lindsay //
Something New: 
FRESHLY squeezed orange juice!!! We stayed in Harlem during our trip to NYC. We walked down the street one morning and was stopped by a girl with an orange shopping cart full of oranges. We bought some freshly squeezed OJ on the spot and it was one of the best (out of very few) highlights of Harlem. It was insanely amazing, the purest bev (other than Agua) I have been buying it anywhere I can get it! If you happen to see a girl selling OJ from a shopping cart on commercial drive, it most likely will be me.
Something Inspiring: This past weekend it was my parents 35th anniversary. My mom always buys cards for special occasions, but ALWAYS forgets to give them. She had this card tucked away that she bought for my dad years ago, but every few anniversaries she pulls it out and it never seemed like the right timing. The eve of this years anniversary she realized she had forgotten to get him one (haha) and she thought of this card from years ago. She found it, read it, and it led her to tears for she knew it was saved for this very year. The card said- " Whenever I see an old couple holding hands, I pause. I imagine all they have experienced- jobs, maybe children, worries, vacations, homes, disappointments, tragedies, joys. I see their entwined fingers. I see them walking in perfect cadence, comfortable in being quiet. I see in them the gentle joy that a lifetime of loving can give. - And I look forward to the privilege of growing old and holding hands with you."

My parent's are so inspiring to me. In their 35 years of marriage, the past few months have been extremely difficult on them in regards to obstacles with their health. It is incredible to watch their love grow even sweeter. 
Something Disturbing: MOTHS. Let me tell you about these guyz. They decided it's okay to live in my house with me, well... I disagree. We have no screens on our windows and when it is hot outside, it is incredibly hot inside. Hence the moths (FALSE) idea of an invitation into our home. When I brought it up with my roommates I said "They have been eating my clothes, I have so many holes in them!!" They laughed and quickly said "Lindsay.. You always have holes in your clothing..." What is more disturbing? The fact that we have so many moths, or that I put more holes in my clothing than the moths do?
Something I'm Listening To:
  Scenic Route to Alaska ! They are an amazing band from Edmonton, and are playing at our PARTY along with Boreal Sons. These two bands are both incredibly amazing. Check them out. You will be So happy you did. 

// Bethany //
Something New: 
David and I are back in the same place! He was on tour across Canada for a few weeks and I was in Arizona and New York. Sometimes when we're apart we have so much going on that the time can just fly by, but this time even though we were both seeing awesome places we were really just counting down the days 'til we were home again. Once we were both back at the house we barely moved for two days (David was watching me type this and I had written "we barely got out of bed" but he told me that sounded bad... basically we were insanely lazy), we got caught up on the bachelorette, and got to cuddle our puppy again. It was a great couple of days. Something Inspiring: Alt Summit of course! We've been sharing bits and pieces of our trip/conference in New York. Lets just say when us girls got back to the apartment that night we were fired up with new ideas, and planning out our new studio space that were soooo excited for.  
Something Disturbing: Tonight my husband played a show in Kelowna, BC and after the show we decided to make a trip through the McDonalds drive thru *shame---->regret*. While we were waiting in the (verrryyy slow) line an insanely drunk woman stumbles up, opens our car door and tells us she is getting in our car. All the seats were full so we tried to explain this to her as she was slightly shoving her self towards the back seat. She continued to walk up the line trying to open car doors, banging on windows, falling over numerous times into the bushes legs fully extended into the air. We ended up calling the cops because we didn't want her to keep walking out in front of all these cars, and they took care of her. But it was quite the eventful McD's experience. 
Something I'm Listening To: The National's new album, Trouble Will Find Me, It's wonderful. I really love the The National and highly recommend them. 



// Tegan //  

Something New: Well I certainly experienced a whack load of new things last week! New York was an amazing experience, Alt Summit was so much fun, I had a blast meeting a ton of inspiring and creative bloggers! I loved being a tourist and walking around the city for hours seeing all the things there are to see. Shopping at the Brooklyn Flea, Yankees game,  eating - we did a lot of eating, lots of pizza, bagels and coffee. It was a really fun trip with Bethy and Linds, I love those girls and am excited for all of the inspiration Alt Summit gave us for this blog and for Kalos!
Something Inspiring: We are throwing a party! I love planning events, and the last 3 days Lindsay and I have been running around Vancouver collecting supplies and fabric and painting and planning! I am really excited, I feel very inspired when I do this! It's going to be a really fun night, with live music, snacks and sweets, and lots of Kalos clothing, jewelry and more for you to shop! 
Something Disturbing:
I turn 25 tomorrow! To me this is disturbing, I feel old, 25 is a big number! I'm OK with it though, quarter life crisis? Yup, a little.
Something I'm Listening To: Beach House - perfect chill summer music!