Coffee Conversations // Alt Summit


Something New // Yesterday we spent the day at Alt Summit NYC. It's a conference filled with hundreds of bloggers from all over the place, amazing speakers, delicious food, and so many goodies from all the sponsors held at the Martha Stewart Living Headquarters. The day was topped off with a beautiful cocktail party in the evening, a huge candy bar, photobooth, rooftop patio, sunset... It could not have been a more perfect day. 

Something Inspiring // Everything about that day was inspiring! Meeting so many creative and driven bloggers was absolutely amazing. in Vancouver we don't have very many bloggers (especially compared to NY!) So to be in a room with hundreds of women (and a few men) with the same passion as us and hearing what they've learned, what keeps them going, and their goals just got us all fired up! We really loved hearing from Grace Bonney of Design Sponge , that girl knows her industry! She has done so well with her blog and the whole Design Sponge business, we were taking down notes like crazy! When we got back to the apartment after we spent hours just talking about all the things we were inspired to do and making plans for T&T! 

Something Disturbing // So we all went out before NY and got some pretty amazing shoes... with very high heels. Needless to say by the end of the day we were dying. As we walked out of the building with our arms FULL of swag from all the sponsors we were tripping, and stumbling all over the place. We were feeling like "Those Girls!" you know?? So we decided to stop in our laughter, pain, and embarrassment and change into our sandals. With all our stuff sprawled across the sidewalk, standing barefoot, a man stops and gets down on his knee taking photos telling us the light is beautiful. We found this completely hysterical as we were feeling like a disastrous hot mess! We walked a couple blocks more now with our heels on top of our huge piles of swag in our arms dropping things, and bumping into things we stop beside a dumpster in desperation and pull out a shopping bag to put our stuff in and man stops, pulls out his iPhone and starts taking photos from all angles!! WHAT THE HECK! Why is this a Kodak moment?? Is there some unfortunate NY tourists blog out there that our faces are on!? 

 Something we're listening to // Empire State of Mind. Are you allowed to listen to anything else in New York? The other night we were in Times Square and it started playing, perfect moment. 

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