Coffee Conversations


Tegan //
Something New: I got bangs this week! I've been planning it for a while and I finally did it, I made it a whole year and a half (a record for sure). New hair is fun!
 Something Inspiring: ummm going to New York on Tuesday with 2 of my best friends? This is new! I Haven't really been before (other than a few hours with my husbands band, doesn't really count though) This feels like a whole new adventure and I am so excited. Going on trips with friends is something I haven't really done much of and I can't wait. We're exited to tourist it up a bit too, any things we need to see??    
Something Disturbing: I bought this delicious chipotle mayo and it is soooo good. I've eaten a lot of it, too much. I bought it for sandwiches and then I tried it with pizza...then wings....mmm
 Something I'm Listening To:  This week I finally got to see my good friends Dear Rouge play! I am a big fan of these people, Dan and I have gotten to know and hang out lots with Drew and Danielle over the past few months and it was so good to see them perform, needless to say I've been crankin' their music ever since Tuesday night and cannot wait for their new songs to come out because they are sooooo good.

Bethany //
Something New: 

I got back from a quick trip to Arizona with my mom and sister yesterday. It was so nice to go spend sometime in the heat! It was 42 degrees everyday, and I loovvveee it. We just spent most of our days laying by the pool, and going out for food. It was a bit of a bummer waking up this morning to Vancouver rain. 

Something Inspiring: In FOUR DAYS we will be in New York together. So excited, and just knowing that we are going to Alt Summit has been inspiring for us to "get our act together" with the blog and business in all aspects. Can't wait for how inspired we will be when we leave. 
Something Disturbing: Last week was National Donut Day. Lets just say, I celebrated. 
Something I'm Listening To: Citizens new(ish) self titled album is always on repeat in my car. I loovveee it. 



Lindsay //
Something New: 
Kalos has lots of big plans for the summer, it is always our favorite time for our business because of all the fun things we get to do. We are leaving for New York in 3 days for our Alt Summit blogging convention! We are also planning a very exciting party for the beginning of July! (We'll keep you posted!) We are also starting to prep for Folk Fest mid July! If you are in Vancouver this summer, please look out for these plans for we would LOVE to meet you and share some fun summer times!
Something Inspiring: I have been listening to some of our demo's from my band and I am feeling super blessed to be making music with such talented boys. The way they write is very inspiring and I am always blown away by the adventures & tales told in each song. I am excited to release new music with them and tour in the summer!
Something Disturbing: Oh man. My poor poor phone has taken a harsh beating. I was dancing at a show the other night (Tegan's husband played in a Cake cover band called "FAKE") and my phone flew out of my backpack pocket and hit the ground. The whole front of my phone is shattered, but it still works! I just need to be careful not to cut my face and fingers up.... My phone has been a real trooper. I have had it for 2 years and during that time it has survived falling in the toilet, falling off a 3 story boat and sliding to the back near the edge almost falling in the water, it was saturated in bubble solution when I accidentally dropped a huge bucket full of it in my friend Elaine's car last fall... and now this. I feel quite proud of it being able to withstand my clumsy adventures.

 Something I'm Listening To: My friend Mike Edel played a show at the Media Club last night. He is such a talented musician, and puts on a really great show. Definitely check out his tunes, great for summer days kickin it in the park.