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// Tegan //

Something New:  I bought heals for the first time in....years! I think the last time I wore heals was to Bethany's wedding! CRAZY! I had a really fun time shopping in the states yesterday with my mom and Linds for some NY shoes and bought some VERY high heals, I'm really excited to wear them! Also, I bought runners! Haven't bought those in...well even longer than the last time I bought heals.

Something Inspiring:  Philippians 4:7  "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.I've repeated this in my head a lot this last week, I've needed a lot of help feeling His peace lately, and let's just say the peace of God really does surpass all understanding!

Something Disturbing: Oh man, I lied, the last time I bought runners was in Australia, this is embarrassing, Dan and I both bought new runners the first week we got to Australia with great plans to go running all the time, let's just say they were very, very white when we gave them to the thrift store before we came back home, so sad.

Something I'm Listening To: 
I've been listening to Maclean "Talker" all week. If you haven't heard them, this is definitely worth a listen!


// Lindsay // 

Something new// The boys in my band and I are booking shows for our upcoming tour! It is creeping up so fast and I am getting very excited. I love tour so much and feel very blessed to travel with my friends and play music & meet more friends along the way. We are touring Vancouver Island, and across to Alberta, as well as a Western US tour.

Something inspiring// I snatched last minute Sigur Ros tickets this week to their show in Vancouver (jealous of all who went to Sasquatch this past weekend.. it sounded AMAZING). The show was unreal.. so much talent, so much magic. It started to rain throughout the set which made it rather dramatic. There were also girls in the back of the stage wearing velvet dresses playing the horns. I was extremely inspired to buy a velvet dress.. and to pick up my french horn and take some lessons. Although, I know that will most likely mean me sitting in front of my computer playing along to free french horn youtube lessons, while my roomies listen (/laugh) from downstairs.

Something disturbing// This week Tegan and I worked at the Mumford and Sons show selling beer! It was a great deal, especially to see M&S for free! Although...... Tegan was put in a booth with a bunch of our friends, and they assigned me to a separate booth. I walked over to a table full of 10 burly, restaurant bartender dooods. Now, I know I shouldn't be complaining, but it's one thing to receive beer from a burly bartender.. than to be standing next to him YELLING out orders to the other doods standing behind me. It was outrageous. Me and the bros. I could barely yell, but they wouldn't take my order unless I screamed it at them. My voice was shot by the end of the night.. It ended up being a hilarious time, but BOY was I out of my comfort zone.

Something I'm listening to// Noah Gundersen. Such a beautiful raspy voice for such a young guy. Give him a listen!


Something New // I coloured my hair black! I've always had darker hair, and having the light ombre was fun but I started to miss being dark. Change is always a little shocking at first, but I'm getting used to it. Feels good to be back to my roots (but not literally). 

Something Inspiring // We are going to start posting some tutorial videos on the blog. I'm inspired by creative people that include all aspects of media in there blogs, or business. So we're branching out to a new side. 

Something Disturbing // How many episodes of The Office I have watched this week. I don't even want to tell you... But I will. 3 seasons. shame. I've started getting really invested in Jim & Pam's relationship, I've seen these episodes so many times, but I get teary everytime he asks he out on their first date. 

Something I'm listening to // I actually haven't been listening to anything new this week.. (I haven't actually had time with all this office watching haha) Any suggestions for me? 

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