Coffee Conversations


Bethany //

Something Inspiring: Like Tegan Said, people have been so encouraging lately. Thank you to everyone who has taken a couple of minutes to make us smile, it gives us that motivation to keep doing what we're doing! If you appreciate something someone does make sure you take the time to let them know. It means a lot :) 

Something New: 
The blog! Yahooo. I've been working on the new design for actually a couple of months now. There were a few "technical set backs" so once it was finally ready to launch I was pretty excited. Also stoked about the new font we have for you download (check it out on the sidebar) There will be more to come! 

Something Disturbing: Th Oklahoma tornado. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have everything you own destroyed in seconds. I found this awesome video of a dog being found in the debris.. watch it here

Something I'm Listening To: The new She & Him Album, I think Tegan was talking about this last week. But I just downloaded it and it's really great, It's been on repeat in my house all day long! 


Tegan //
Something Inspiring: I've been completely overwhelmed and inspired by all the kind comments we've gotten in the last few days! We appreciate them so much, we will usually message each other if we get a really nice email to make sure we all read it because it is so encouraging to us! Thanks to our readers for such kind words and support, it keeps us motivated and inspired!

Something New: The newest thing on my mind right now is my new car! Dan and I picked it up last night from White Rock and drove it back to Vancouver and were feeling pretty cool. I mean going from an old honda to a small SUV with AC and power windows? whaaaaaat? luxury! and we can have a conversation while we're driving on the highway because we can hear each other talking and not just the loud muffler?? this is craaaaazy.

Something Disturbing: 
How crazy is the bridge that collapsed in Washington last night? I was so shocked, I've driven over that bridge many, many times! I'm pretty sure that would be my worst nightmare! Thankful everyone's ok, especially my parents who drove over it only a few hours before! Crazy.

Something I'm Listening To: I finally got the Bahamas album and have had that playing back to back with She & Him V3 on repeat all week, I don't think I've really listened to anything else! 


Lindsay //

Something New: I went blonde! After years of thinking about it, I finally decided to commit to the idea of going blonde! Trying it out! Why not, nows the time! I got over my fear of when I box-dyed it in grade 7 and it turned orange and yellow, which happened to match my neon yellow and orange room at the time (have that golden photograph lying around somewhere). Bethany ended up doing a great job! Thanks B.

Something Inspiring: I was scrolling through instagram today and was super inspired by one friend in particular. It was a really sweet drawing of a buffalo that my friend Reagan from Boreal Sons (great band-check them out) drew. I just get so inspired when people make such cool art with their talents, it also made me realize how I haven't utilized that artistic side in a while! I am determined this week to build myself a desk, and use it solely for art. Drawing, painting, crafting.. it's so important to be constantly creating and pushing yourself to expand and find ways to express yourself! Everyone has a style, a way they see things, a different light in their eyes than the other. It's cool when you can show others how You view something, in your own unique way. If it comes from your heart, it will be different than anything else out there.

Something Disturbing:  There are 2 men who live below us, and they sing karaoke til 3 in the morning. Then they are up at 10am, and right back at it. It's getting out of control.

Something im listening to: Elbow! I have been on a website called 8 Tracks, which is like a handcrafted internet radio that has playlists you can build or you can listen to others compilations. I have found so many good bands by typing in an artist I love, and it shows you a playlist with that artist in it and similar artists are mixed in with that playlist. It's great.