Hair Tutorial // Backcombing


-Create a V section on the crown of the head. 

-Start with a 1 inch horizontal section at the top, pull the comb down towards the head 3-4 times all the way to the root. 


-Add the next 1 inch section and join it with the first section by backcombing both sections together


-Do the same step with the last section.

-Smooth down the backcombing by lightly running the comb of the top layer in light strokes until you have the volume you want.


-Take a diagonal 1 inch section above the ear and repeat the same steps that you did over the crown. 

-Smooth down.


These steps will add volume at the root that will last, Add hairspray for extra hold before and after backcombing. 


To get the messy beachy look take small to medium sized sections of strands around the head and add a 2-3 stokes of backcombing pull the brush up towards the ceiling. 

-Add hairspray to secure