Homemade // Envelopes

For the classic style envelope with the triangles folded into the center follow these steps. Start with a square piece of thick paper. Fold up the bottom corner creasing the paper once the point is about 1cm above center. Then fold the point of each side to the center. Last, fold the top point to the center meeting it with the other points.

For a simple style envelope follow these steps. With the paper laying horizontal fold up the bottom ending about 1/4 from the top. Cut off the ends if you want to create a square. Then cut each corner diagonally on the unfolded half. 

Use a needle and thread to decorate your envelope. Get Creative! (Decorate before glueing/stitching sides together) 

To secure the envelope either stitch, glue, or tape the edges. See our stitching options above and below.

Have fun, and surprise someone with mail! Isn't that the greatest when you open your mailbox and its NOT a bill?!