Coffee Conversations

// Tegan //

Something New: We have lots of new product coming into the Kalos shop this weekend! It always gets me excited, I love seeing all the instagram photos of our lovely customers rockin' our product, seriously makes my day!

Something Inspiring: Well I'm feeling very blessed this week, we have a good friend/mentor of ours who has been so kind and generous to us, we've had a lot of issues with our cars since we've been home from Australia, major one being a crazy amount of mould growing in them, we've gotten them cleaned, and had to spend some money on distributors and fun, unexpected stuff like that, and in the last week we've managed to sell mine and also get pretty much given a car. I'm feeling very blessed and inspired and reminded once again of how BIG God is and how He always, always takes care of us.

Something Disturbing: Have you ever smelled way-too-old greek yoghurt? I was cleaning out my fridge today, and could not believe how gross it was, I think i may have shrieked. Disturbingly bad smelling.

Something I'm Listening To: The New She & Him album (Volume 3) has been on repeat all day, every day, since Sunday. I loooooove it.

// Lindsay //

Something New: I have a small patch of dirt in my backyard, and I am so excited to start a veggie/herb garden!! Any tips? I just got this app on my phone called "plant planner" and it helps you know when is the best time to plant. What are your favourite herbs/veggies to plant?

Something Inspiring: Tegan took me to this AMAZING cafe. It was in the middle of a neighbourhood, so it was quiet and quaint. The cafe was at the bottom of this old house, and you could sit in the backyard which had a hammock and chickens roaming around! It was wonderful. Tegan and I were in a rush but we decided to sit for a couple minutes, and ended up finishing our coffees and talking for a while. That place made time feel like it was going by slowly. One of the reasons I loved it so much, is that it reminded me of a cafe I would find during my time in New Zealand a few years back. We lived for finding new cafes that made our hearts feel happy.

Something Disturbing: (more hilarious than disturbing) a homeless man came into my work the other day carrying a huge bucket and a mop claiming to be a "window washer". He then walks over to the side counter where we hand off the drinks and picks up the honey. He raises it above his head, looks up to it mouth wide open and starts pouring it (which is draining incredibly slowly, so the stream of honey is just slowllllllyyyyyyy making it's way into his mouth like a foot above his face) I died laughing, but couldnt stop him, he was enjoying it too much.

Something I'm Listening To: Lianne la Havas!!! The boys in my band showed me this insane girl. Speaking of honey, her voice is like it. Seriously give this girl a listen, once you start you can't stop. Watch this.

// Bethany //

Something New: Last week in coffee conversations I was talking about my adventure in starting to learn how to longboard. Tuesday nights my husband plays a poker game with a bunch of guys and this week he brought home the winnings so he bought me a longboard! Yahoo! Tonight we took them down to the beach and cruised through all the alleys while the sun was setting, it was wonderful! So nice that we each now have our own and can cruise together.

Something Inspiring: With the people in my church we've been taking lately about how you can serve others, and just connect with people in the community. Last week my husband and some other guys went to the local skate park and skated with kids, made them hot dogs, and just got to know them. It inspired me/reminded me about my dreams when I first started at Hair School a few years ago. I really wanted to be able to offer my skills to women who don't get the opportunity to go to salons, or really ever get themselves pampered. It's something I am going to pursue again. Have you done any projects like this? I would love more inspiration!

Something Disturbing: I'm watching "The Killing" while I'm writing this so I guess that is pretty disturbing.. But also great! I love to get into shows that are a couple seasons in so that I can watch episode, after episode... after episode. It's all about a murder and the investigation of it. I recommend it to fill the time while we wait for Breaking Bad to return!

Something I'm Listening to: I actually haven't been listening to anything new lately. But on this topic my husbands band has a bunch of free music available for download on right now. Check it out here