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Something New: I applied for a job driving an icecream truck.

Something Inspiring: My room has a small window that leads to a small roof space. Since the weather has been insanely beautiful I have been laying out there many nights before bed looking at the stars. There is something about that feeling of just being silent outside at night, hearing all the sounds ; nature vs. the city nearby. I dont know what is so inspiring about it, maybe because it makes me feel like a child? Reminds me of the many times I sat under the stars with my family/friends growing up. It's funny that most things that are inspiring to me, are things that make me feel like a child again.. Maybe its because it brings you to feel the way you do as a child, you don't really understand insecurity in life/relationships/money/decision making.. you are so carefree and because of that you have the ability to be completely yourself and also content in the small things.

Something Disturbing: I applied for a job driving an icecream truck.

Something I'm Listening To: Daughter - My friend Halee showed me her song "landfill" and I loved it. She keeps coming up on my playlists at work and her songs are always mellow but beautiful and sort of haunting. 


Tegan //

Something New: I have suddenly become obsessed with plants, I don't think I'll ever have enough of them, I mean, maybe it's just because they're all over pinterest and succulents are "all the rage right now" if you will. When Dan and I got married, I hated them! I never wanted any plants and Dan wanted tons, now I want them and he's happy. Maybe it's because we aren't allowed any pets in our building and I just need something to take care of? I don't know I just love them.

Something Inspiring: One of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess are launching a photo editing app next week! I've been following those girls for a while now and am always amazed by their creativity, they continue to inspire me to dream bigger! 

Something Disturbing: Is it weird that I give my plants names?

Something I'm Listening To: I've been listening to The Oh Hello's all morning! Thanks to a lovely reader for recommending them! I am loving it on this sunny day

Bethany //

Something New: I just got home from the thrift store and found some amazing things that I am stoked on! A beautiful Coral wool native style blanket, and some cool old books. I'll post them on my instagram @bethanymenzel

Something Inspiring: One of my friends just started a blog based on the idea of not being afraid to try new things. She just learnt to longboard which then inspired to her create the blog. So... Then I was inpired to learn to longboard. My husband is really good at it and has started teaching me, we go out in the evenings and I'm madly in love with it. I even dream about it. If I have 15 extra minutes, I do a quick ride down the road. I am slowly getting more confident and daring, trying more hills, getting more speed. I can't wait for a summer of longboarding together. P.S. Check out my friends blog here

Something Disturbing: I've been watching a lot of prison documentaries. If you have the American Netflix check out "Aryan Brotherhood", "Worlds Toughest Prisons", next on my list is "Into the Abyss",  I find anything prison related very fascinating.

Something I'm Listening To: Lost in the Light - Bahamas. I know everyone has heard this song a million times. But frick its good. 


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