Show & Tell

Bethany // These are my 3 favourite make up products: 1. Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation, I really like this foundation because it's long lasting with great coverage but doesn't look cakey! If you're the type of person that likes it to look like you have nothing on your face, it may not be the one for you, It's gives that smooth foundation look that I like! 2. Mac Painterly, This is a base made to put under your eyeshadow BUT I use it for my lips. I first do lip chap and let it soak in then put on painterly before wearing lipstick. Even if I don't want a bold lip I will still put on a light layer of Painterly and then dab on a light layer of lipstick for a little colour. It makes the colour last way longer and gives you a nice light base to put lipstick on so that you get the true colour. 3. MAC So Chaud, This is my favourite lipstick colour. It's super matte and lasts forever. 


Tegan // Today we're in Billings, Montana! I love it here, there are tons of thrift stores and antique stores, we had most of the day free to roam around, so Dan and I took off to the antique mall and I got a few shirts and he got a cool knife, and I got these triangle earrings for $2.50! Bethy and I met up after lunch and did a bunch of thrifting, I think I would come back here just for the thrifting, thanks Montana! Today is the last day of tour and then we'll be heading back to Canada, I'm really excited to be home!


Lindsay // I got this candle at Target.. I was seriously so excited about this that I waited until all my housemates were home and when the moment was right, I lit it... (nobody really paid attention....but i was ECSTATIC) It crackels as it burns, making it feel like Christmas in a cabin. It smells like Cedar and I can't get enough of it. You should buy it... really.