Coffee Conversations


Something Inspiring: I know I talk about it a lot. But with all the driving time I have been reading more and more of Alicia Silverstones book The Kind Diet and I'm really enjoying learning about the vegan lifestyle; learning about what foods do what for our bodies, finding out where our food comes from and what is in it. It's funny how food is very large part of lives but we can just neglect actually knowing what is in it, and sometimes bad and something great effects it can have on our body. I've been vegan for almost 2 months now and I am loving it and feeling great, If you're flirting with the idea I would definitely recommend reading that book!

Something New: All the towns I'm seeing. I can't say they're all the most amazing places I've seen haha, But I still enjoying seeing new places no matter how small and dead some can seem. It's really interesting to how differently people can live on the other side of the country. After the first tour I went on I realized how much I adore where we live. A big part of that is probably because most of these places are so new to me and White Rock/Vancouver just feels like home. But we really do live in an amazing and BEAUTIFUL place. If you have never been there I recommend you pay it a visit!

Something Disturbing: My lack of geography knowledge, half the time we are driving have absolutely no idea where we are, or where the heck the states we stay in are on the map. But I'm learning and soon I will know them all!!

Something I'm Listening to: Hey Ocean!, they are the band that my husbands band is touring with so I get to hear them every night! They are really great musicians and really great people.. check them out!


Something Inspiring: Good reports! In mid-Feb, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, long story short, all her appointments were booked quickly and she was scheduled for surgery within a few weeks, (praise God) she had her results back last week to find out if it had spread at all and they were the best news possible, she is totally cancer free! I am so thankful for how quick everything happened and so happy the surgery went so well, my mom inspires me so much, she's such a strong and amazing woman! Just had to share the good news :)

Something New: Let me say - this week has been the most fun! Bethany flew into Boston on Sunday night and so she was here for New York on monday! It wa so fun, my first time in the big city, and we had a few hours to explore, Dan and I did a bit of thrifting and got an amazing coffee! Bethy, Kir and I hopped on the subway and took it to Times Square for a little gander, I feel like I still haven't really seen anything there though, it is such a massive city and I'm so in love with it and cannot wait to go back in June for Alt Summit!!! We have 8 days left of tour and I can't wait to get home, it's been so much fun, we took these pics in Michigan yesterday and today we have a day off to explore Chicago! Can't wait!

Something Disturbing: How cold it was in Akron, Ohio yesterday, I know this is a bit lame, but I walked through the town for about 15 minutes and I swear I was the coldest I've been in a looooong time, I hear Vancouver is having some warm sun and I can't wait to bask in it!

Something I'm Listening to: I just discovered Fiona Apple's voice this week, I love her! I've heard of her a lot but never got her music until now and I looooove it! she's so great.




Something Inspiring: I am with Tegan on this one.. What a month it has been for our family! We have learned so much as a family through this time.. What it means to feel the true support of your friends and family.. Realizing the power of prayer.. Accepting the feeling of being totally helpless in a situation, but finding strength in knowing that the God of this universe has you in his hand and you need to be still and just rest in this peace.

Something New: I went to Home Depot and bought my first hammer and nails. I was pretttty excited. (thought it was a bit ironic at how difficult it was to find the most basic staple of all home depot products, I was a bit overwhelmed) I discovered a wooden paneled wall in my room under a few layers of ancient wallpaper, and i tore the paper off, palm sanded, and stained the wall. It looks great! I am now working on sanding the floor and staining that as well. Such a time consuming but fun project.. It makes me want to do more renovations when you realize you can just do it yourself! Did you happen to see Bethany's kitchen renovations?!! Talk about inspiring! CHECK IT OUT

Something Disturbing: How many rats, mice, skunks and raccoons there are around my neighborhood! A while ago I was driving at night with a few friends of mine and we turned around a corner and caught two raccoons humping in the middle of the road. Our headlights were on them and they froze in position and just started at us. Caught red handed. We laughed so hard, yet it felt weirdly awkward.

(ALSO how alone I am in this coffee conversations...i miss them! wahhh)

Something I'm Listening to: I have been listening to an insane amount of Sufjan Stevens album -The Age of Adz.. It's very different than music i usually listen to, but I absolutely fell in love with this album. It reminds me of being on tour, and going on adventures. It really inspires me.



What are you listening to?