Show & Tell

// Tegan // Ok, so my awesome husband, Dan, was at the Juno's last weekend with the band he's in (Hey Ocean, who was nominated for a Juno!) He was at an after party where they were serving free shots of Crystal Head Vodka in their signature skull shot glasses, he knew I would love them so he took a few home for me!   

// Lindsay // My favourite mascara is a Volume Black and Gold bottle by L'oreal, and I went to pick it up the other day and was quite easily distracted by this galaxy telescopic mascara and the bottle is even shaped as a telescope and the package was covered in purple and black stars and galaxies. SOLD. Thank you very much, clever branding won over my star gazing heart (yet again..) It better be out of this world..

// Bethany // I have been trying to change the accents in my living room to black and white, and Ikea has so many cute scandanvian looking black and white pieces. I had my eye on this blanket and a few throw cushions, so my Grandma bought this for me for my birthday! I love it, such a great gift, and its been my favourite blanket to cozy up on the couch with lately.