Coffee Conversations

This week it was more of a Salad & Slurpee Conversation... 

Tegan // 

Something New: I've really been into the TV show "Parenthood". I started it a week ago and I'm halfway through Season 2 and I loooove it. Dan was away at the Juno's all weekend, so in between me organizing our apartment a bit and job hunting, I watched a lot of it.  Now that he's home, he's even gotten into it, perfect. 

Something Inspiring: I feel like I always talk about the weather, but these last 3 days have been a dream, I have been going on lots of walks and stealing flowers from around my neighborhood. (shhh). Yesterday I layed on our windowseat for about an hour, just taking in the sun, I listened to the new Bethel album, and just forced myself to relax and soak it up. 

Something Disturbing: The little mousey I saw AGAIN in my house-y...I think we found the hole though, so hopefully he's gone for good.

Something I'm Listening to: A band called "Churchill". I found their EP on the website Noisetrade almost a year ago, and just noticed them on the iTunes featured page! It reminded me of them so I gave them a listen again and really like their sound! If you haven't been on that site before, it's a great way to discover some sweet new music!

Lindsay // 

Something New: SHORTS! I've been wearing SHORTS PEOPLE!!! It was finally the perfect day to bring out the overalls and I was so excited. Shorts and smoothies every day. 

Something Inspiring: Our good friends (also Bethy's husbands band) We are the city has a side project called High school. It started out with two of them performing these fun, light hearted songs about their high school experiences and they started performing them with white lace head coverings so people didn't know who they were. Fans and friends quickly realized who it was and WATC released the music under their band name. They played a show last night as High School, and had about 10 people on stage wearing masks and performing as them, with them, all singing and playing guitars in a row. It was so hilarious and intriguing. I have never seen a show quite like it.. It really inspired me to see musicians and friends with such talent and creativity to try something new and unexpected! 

Something Disturbing: This isn't really disturbing, but it had potential to be extremely disturbing. Up to you to decide how you feel about this situation. While I was working yesterday, an older man walked in and ordered a coffee, as I was taking his money he said to me " hey, I've got a extra egg in my pocket...... Do you want it?" I was kind of thrown off but also intrigued so of course I said yes. He then thanked me for taking the egg (that was a bit odd...) it was a hard boiled egg.. I stared at it for quite a while.. Instagrammed it to see what other people thought.. I only got negative responses buttttt I ate it anyway. I am alive today! (Phew. Don't tell my mom I took an egg from a stranger) he then came in and gave me an orange from his pocket.. I hope he isn't building my trust by feeding me small round objects.. And then one day... "Here's a juicy red apple..."

Something I'm Listening to: Patrick Watson! There is nothing like listening to P Wats in the morning to inspire me. He is one of my favourite artists and I am always blown away by his voice and his quirky creativity. I got to meet him on a trip to Victoria when I met up with my friends from the band Wake Owl (which is also an amazing listen, definitely give them a listen) They were kind enough to let me tag along in the green room they shared with him and we hung out while he drank his whiskey before the show and we shared stories of adventures on tour. It was such an inspiring time!!

Bethany // 

Something New: Yesterday I drove to Laconner, WA with my mom to go see the Tulip Festival. I've never been before but it was so pretty, fields and fields of so many colourful tulips. It's on all of April so there are a few days left, Its a fun little day trip! 

Something Inspiring: A new season. It's really starting to feel like spring/summer around here, and it makes me so happy! On warm sunny days I just feel like the possibilites are endless, I am way more productive on those days. I'm always talking about moving somewhere warmer where we would have sun all year round, but when I start to imagine it I miss White Rock/Vancouver way too much.

Something Disturbing: I finished all the seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 3 weeks... oops. What are your guilty pleasure tv shows? 

Something I'm Listening to: Baptism - by We Are The City. David's (my husband) band just released the first single off their new album that is coming June. 4th. I really love this song!! Take a listen 

What are you listening to?