Whatcha Wearing Wednesday // Denim Love


One thing about what we wore...

Tegan // This vest was my friends dad's from the 80's! I cut the sleeves off because it was way to bulky as a jacket but makes for the perfect oversized vest!

Lindsay // For the longest time I had been looking for some sort of vest but I could never really put my finger on it. My roomie Monika was selling a ton of her clothing that was laid out and I sat on the floor amongst them. Mid conversation I looked beside me and this vest was right there. I grabbed it and I think I may have screamed. I didn't let go of it, and I wear it alllll the time. 

Bethany // I got this vest the first time we went to New York. I walked into the huge forever 21 in Times Square and David waited oh so paitently as I wandered through every section trying on arm fulls of clothes. I ended up leaving with the first thing I picked up anyway.