Show & Tell

Tegan // I think I have a bit of an obsession with blankets! I have so many but can't help buying them whenever I see one that looks so cozy! I thrifted this blanket in Billings, Montana, and it was only $3!!

Lindsay // I got these "tea tree tingle" shampoo at Trader Joes! I was drawn to it because of how cute it looked, and as soon a smelled it I was sold. This fresh peppermint shampoo & conditioner actually makes me look forward to showering.. And that's surprising if you know me.

Bethany // I got this wallet 4 years ago at a store where we first started selling our Kalos feather earrings in Vancouver! It's an old cigarette case that I put leather on the front. Whenever I pull it out to pay for something I always get comments on it. I've never kept a wallet this long before but I love it, and it has good memories attached to it!