Coffee Conversations

// Tegan //

Something New // Dan and I released our new EP this week called "Something Was Missing." We recorded the tracks over the last few months of our trip in Australia, you can find it on iTunes, and also our brand new website is up too!

Something Inspiring // Being back together with these 2 lovely ladies! We had 5 weeks off and it was so good to get together this Wednesday and talk about Summer plans, blog re-design ideas, looking for places to stay in NY and planning our Folk Fest booth! It's going to be a great Summer!

Something Disturbing // I had a rough night last night, I was having a really great night, baked some cookies, was watching Parenthood (newest tv obsession) and then I saw a little guy just staring at me from the hallway. A little mouse. I didn't think I would freak out if I ever saw one, but boy, it got the best of me. The worst part is not knowing where it came from or where it went. Eek. I spent the next hour giving my kitchen a good clean and stuffing some steel wool down into some cracks under the sink and pray I never see him again. I called my mom who was very helpful in what to do, Dan's best advice was to watch rescuers down under and try to think about how cute mice are. 

Something I'm Listening To // I'm really loving some of the songs off of the newest Bethel album "For the Sake of the World" I think "Closer" is my favorite song, it's just so, so good. 


// Lindsay //

Something New // I know we have all mentioned this so far, but we are all so excited about it!! Tegan and Dan made a beautiful BEAUTIFUL EP, and you should all listen to it.. and support them so they can continue to make more music! The links are above and below.. Seriously take a listen! <3

Something Inspiring // I have been super inspired to get some new tattoos. I met a new friend who has lots of random fun tattoos and he just got them for the fun of it, no deep meanings. It's great when tattoos have a specific personal meaning, but its also fun to just get something because you like it! It is something you were drawn to, at that time of your life. I could very well regret these words and these thoughts when I am older and when I look down and see a Tiger on my butt, but then again... life is too short. My friend Halee (also nicknamed whalee for her love of whales) is wanting to get a whale tattood on the inside of her lip.. A very good way to get a RISKY tattoo without being risky. I am trying to decide between a mermaid, jellyfish, or planet. Just for fun! I have also been looking up glow in the dark tattoos! What are your views on random, fun tattoos?? Worth the risk of regret?  Do you have any random tattoos? 

Something Disturbing // Okay, so this is sort of weird.. Maybe you can help me solve this mystery. Last week I bought a wood wick burning candle (its on last weeks show n tell!) I was SO excited about it, and one night I accidently fell asleep with it next to my bed on my night stand. I woke in the morning and it had been blown out and I could tell it wasnt burning too long. I walked downstairs and touched my nose and I had a lot of black sud up my nostrils.. A LOT! I blew my nose and more came out.. all day I was coughing up black phlem. THEN, I realized that my lip was super dry.. looked in the mirror and the top of my lip was burnt/ melted. So, the odd conclusion I came up with is that in my sleep I had got up out of my bed, hovered over the candle trying to blow out the flame, got too close and burned my lip.. all while being there long enough to inhale that much smoke..? Ive never been one to sleep walk...What the heck right...? 

Something I'm Listening To // Ben Howard! My friends were going to his show and happened to have a free ticket! They gave it to me! I was so excited.. Not going to lie, the reason I love Ben Howard is because of his cover of "Call me maybe" ... watch it ladies, you will swoon. He puts on a great live show as well. 


// Bethany //

Something New // Cooking with asian foods. Asians know how to cook that's for sure, so yummy and healthy! Last night I made a bowl of brown rice, kimchi, edamame, seaweed, mushrooms, and sesame seeds, David and I LOVED it. At Trader Joe's a Korean guy at the check out was telling me how to make kimchi pancakes, WHAT! Definitely trying those next. Do you have any favourite Asian Cusine recipes?

Something Inspiring // I don't know what has inspired me, but I have been extra inspired with Kalos and Treasures & Travels lately. Working on a whole new look for the blog and dreaming of the day we can have our own studio and work everyday with some of my best friends! Your support of our blog means so much to us and helps our dreams get closer to a reality. 

Something Disturbing // That I'm still listening to Ellie Goulding on repeat. I think It's been 3 months now. 

Something I'm Listening To // The Klenners! Tegan and Dan just released a wonderful EP that Tegan talks about above ^ I'm listening to it right now and I definitely suggest downloading it over on bandcamp. It's only $4 or you can leave them a little treat for their great talent and name your price!