Happy Birthday Bethany!


It's the one and only Bethany Menzel's 21st birthday!!! We love this girl so much we thought we would write 21 of our favorite memories with our little "booby"
1. Everytime Bethany sings. 
2. Searching for change on the ground so we could buy the best smelling buns in the world. 

3. Hanging out with Bethany and David the day Dan and I got home from Aus, that was so much fun, on so many levels. 
4. Mission folk fest, that whole day, getting lost and ending up at Capilano!
5. The time Bethy looked like a spice girl for Tegan and Dans going away party. Choker and leather jeans.  
6. Making Kalos vlogs in Bethys room at her parents when she first started dating David.. He starred in our video. 
7. A video we made for Kalos years ago when we began, Bethy is trying to growl and be angry in the video and we discovered its impossible for her cute voice to sound angry. 
8. Making belly dancing routines and filming it for Kir's birthday, included with belly outfits. 
9. Winter 2009... Enough said.
10. Playing guess who and sardines at the Dudar's house during the Christmas season. 
11. When Tegan and Dan were gone-watching the bachelorette every Monday on the bed with Bethany, David and Sid
12. Secretly drinking fireball with Kir in her front yard.. Last summer 
13. Building our Kalos booth for folk fest in your backyard.. It was outrageously large... Then pushing it on a cart across the park on the gravel, we were so unfortunate 
14. How breathtakingly beautiful Bethany looked on her wedding day. 
15. Crying tears of joy in my room when I found out Bethany was engaged to the love of her life. 
16. Singing call me maybe by Ben Howard all the way to kelowna with Kir.. Then watching it 50 more times throughout the trip 
17. Hiding in the washroom during Elissa's birthday and giving ourselves stick n poke tattoos (dots/freckles dedicated to the first night we really hung out -we are the city show in Van where we were tempted to get freckle tattoos) with bottled ink and an unsanitized sewing needle ... Bethy being tough and not feeling it, so ended up getting two dots
18. Nobody noticing us 3 dancing in the kitchen at Tegan and Dans going away party. 
19. Bethany's classic jokes. 
20. Hanging out at Sasquatch for one if the first times ever... Discovering feathers, where it all began!
21. Hitch hiking to Richards on Richards and you getting in the van and telling them exactly where to take us and the looks they gave us. 

Bethany is one of the most honest, caring, funny, kind, and beautiful woman we know.. We can't say enough how big her heart is.. How she cares for others and for the Lord. She is incredibly humble, and words are saturated in wisdom... We are both constantly learning from her and are inspired by her, We both feel so blessed to have this lady so close to our hearts. WE LOVE HER!