Coffee Conversations

//Tegan// ^ teehee Dan made us coffee this week. He's the best.

Something Inspiring: I'm so excited about all the work we've got done this week! Lots of exciting things will be happening in the next 6 months for us here and I'm going on tour with my hubby's band starting TODAY! We've been working very hard this week to make sure everything is ready for me to leave for a month! eek!

Something New: Touring! I'll be driving in a van with Hey Ocean for the next month hitting up a bunch of Southern and Eastern States! I can't wait, I've only done the West Coast so there is a lotta world I'm about to experience!

Something Disturbing: I just waxed my legs on my own yesterday, let's just say the 'before' winter legs were pretty disturbing.

Something I'm listening to: I mentioned them before, but I've been listening so much to The Middle East this week, I can't get enough! if you want a sample, I used one of their songs for a video my husband and I filmed in Australia for his BEAUTIFUL cousins wedding.


Something Inspiring: I know I keep talking about my finger nails.. But I have been obsessing over Tegan's INSANELY sparkly gold fingernail polish. I kept looking at them all week, and anticipated the hang out where she would show me how. CLEAR nailpolish- then dip your fingers in sparkles- Then clear nailpolish over again, 3 times over. Your fingers then turn into sparkly Christmas ornaments. How magical.

Something New: My friends Elaine, Monika, Coral and I are moving into a new house this week. I am incredibly excited. We have started painting this week (everything white- the rooms were covered in maroon and yellow mushrooms, suns and peace signs) This will be the first house I can really call my own.

Something Disturbing: I am actually sitting here, trying to think of something disturbing.. and there are too many to choose from that will leave you feeling sad reading this. Lets be real! Its been one of those weeks. I have learned a lot through these times, but its through them that my family and I have recieved an overwhelming abundance of love and support.

Something I'm listening to: Zeus! Fun, Upbeat, Great for driving.


Something Inspiring: There are so many birds chirping in my yard, all day, so loud. I feel like snow white. It's making me really excited for spring... sunshine, shorts, bbq, patio, beach, longer days. Once Christmas is over the cold weather here is just annoying, theres no more christmas magic to make it fun, it's dark grey days. So I'm really excited for the days to stop being grey, because there is something in the sunshine that makes me super inspired!

Something New: I got pet fish! Their names are Mary Kate & Ashley... naturally. David was away for the weekend and I get a little A.D.D when I'm on my own... When he comes home after a few days there are usually a lot of new things, or all our furniture is in different rooms, or I've cut my hair. Maybe I need more hobbies....

Something Disturbing: I'm giving my dog a foot massage. As I was trying to think of what to type for something disturbing I was giving Sid a pretty good deep tissue paw rub.... Who am I? whipped...

Something I'm listening to: Atoms for Peace. Im actually listening to it this VERY second. My husband came home yesterday and put on one of their songs and said "Listen. You're going to love this. It's Thom Yorke." He was right. If you want to see Thom Yorke shake his booty watch the music vid for Inguene

What else should we be listening to??!!