mmm monday // Chickpea Quinoa Spinach Salad

We made this chickpea salad for lunch last week and it was soo yummy, and filling! I (Bethany) have been obsessed with quinoa, beans, and avacado lately so it hit the spot just right. Sometimes lunch is the meal that turns into a bunch of different strolls over to the fridge and pantry over the span of a few hours, especially since I work from home! But if I have all the ingredients to make a proper healthy meal, or have a big container already made in the fridge my body feels much happier! I've been trying lately to plan ahead for meals... What are some staple meals you always keep ready in the fridge?

I have been one of the many people who has grown a love for quinoa this past year, and It has become one of my main proteins. But lately a lot of articles about the affects of quinoa on the Peruvians and Bolivians have been coming to my attention, I'm trying to learn more about the topic before I write off my favourite seed.

1 can chickpeas - drained


1 cup cooked quinoa

Olive Oil



juice from half a Lemon

2 tsp Honey

Half an Avacado sliced

Cherry Tomatoes sliced

Mix together chickpeas, spinach, quinoa, avacado, and tomato in a large bowl. For the dressing blend a handful of spinach with olive oil (approx 2 tbs, use as much as needed to blend), salt, pepper, lemon juice, and honey. Once dressing is blended toss into salad and enjoy a healthy and yummy lunch!