Coffee Conversations

//Tegan //

Something new // I learned how to crochet this week! I'm currently working on a scarf, it should be done soon, it's freakin cold over here on the east coast so I'm very motivated to get it finished so I can wear it!

Something inspiring // I'm writing this from a cafe in Philly! Dan and I will have been together for 4 years tomorrow, and we can't believe how much has happened since we've been together, we've always talked about how our goal before we have kids is to travel, but if you told me 4 years ago what these years would hold I wouldn't believe it! Traveling around Australia for a year and now driving across the states, it makes me excited!

Something disturbing // So, there are these "Waffle House" restaurants everywhere and I finally went to one, it was a hilarious experience, we got the "all-star special" it was chronic, I must admit, I haven't been the healthiest eater on the road, still figuring out how to eat right, i really, really miss my kitchen and my morning smoothies!

Something I'm listening to // I'm trying to think of something to write that's new and exciting, but all I feel like I've listened to this past week is We Are The City, and Hey Ocean, nearly every night, (thats who I'm touring with) so if you haven't heard them yet, you should check them out!

// Lindsay//

Something New// For the longest while I have been considering bleaching my hair, or coloring it light pastel blue or pink. Crazy right? Scary right? Any suggestions? (HELP)

Something Inspiring // I am now fully moved into my new place in Vancouver with 3 of my really great friends. I am so excited and the sun is finally shining almost every morning. There have been so many people skateboarding past our house, and I have been incredibly inspired to learn how to skateboard. Anyone have any tips on how to start learning? I'm also incredibly afraid. Think I might go out there with a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, butt pads, knuckle pads, wrist guards, shin guards, hockey face mask... Pillows and duck tape...

Something Disturbing // The constant thought of attempting to learn how to skateboard..... And a constant play by play of ways I will get hurt.

Something I'm Listening to// My friends from Calgary are in a band called Boreal Sons. Definitely check out their tunes, they are incredibly talented and on top of that, have the biggest hearts. I just went to them play last night in Vancouver and they put on an amazing show with a band "Scenic route to Alaska" and also my friend "Paul Stewart" opened up the evening.

// Bethany //

Something New // I'm leaving tomorrow morning to meet my husband on tour, and it just happens be the same tour that Tegan and her husband's band are on!! So I'm super excited for another tour adventure, seeing lots of new places, meeting lots of new people! Today I am running around buying all the last minute things I need, packing, and still trying to take advantage of the amazing weather we are having in Vancouver!!

Something Inspiring // Easter weekend!! Seriously, is there anything more inspiring than the anniversary of Jesus' resurrection!

Something Disturbing // How much laundry I did yesterday! I was doing laundry for 9 hours, I'm pretty sure I washed every single thing we own.... I don't know how I was getting by with all of that stuff in the dirty hamper! As a side note, let me share my new laundry orangization... I was realllyyyy bad at doing laundry before, but I bought a hamper from Walmart that has 3 sections, so now I just put the dirty clothes right into their basket (white, dark, or colours) and then It's super easy to throw a load in at any time rather than spending an entire afternoon with sorted piles on my floor.

Something I'm Listening to // The new Citizens album. Every single time I get in the car I plug in my phone and start where I left off. I love it!! When I have a new album I like, it's usually on repeat until i can't stand to hear it one more time.

What are you listening to??