Show & Tell

Tegan // Ok, so I'm obsessed with the colour mustard and am filling my apartement with objects of this colour! I was at the dollar store with my mom, and found these books, that were mustard! Perfect so I grabbed like 5 and then was like...hmm...I wonder what the book is, so I look inside and it's called "Spent" a book about a shopaholic, so I decided to only buy 2 of them. (and no, I haven't read it ;) haha maybe one day.)

Bethany // Sid got an American Apparel Hoodie... He's pretty popular with the ladies now. I love putting him in it because you can totally tell that it looks just like one of the classic AA hoodies everyone wears. I'm not gonna lie I'm one of those people that would probably put outfits on my dog... So I'm pretty sure this is the only clothing item my husband would allow on Sid! I put it on him for Valentines day and Christmas. I wouldn't say it's his favourrriitteee thing haha, but he doesn't hate it! 

Lindsay // I got these cool hand-made cards at a cute arty store on Main st in Vancouver last week. I was inspired by the drawings and found out that all were drawn by hand, water colored, shapes were cut and placed on top of the paintings to create the design. I'm so picky when it comes to giving cards to people for a special occasion, most are cheesy and probably get thrown away. So, why not give a piece of art also!


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