Show & Tell

Tegan // Dan brought me home this cozy blanket from tour last time he was down in San Diego, I love it because it's mustard, which I'm currently obsessed with and have covered our house in mustard coloured everything, so it's perfect!

Bethany // I got these air plants a couple weeks ago, and they're not dead yet!! yay, finally something I can't kill. I wanted some of these cool little plants for a while, David tried to get me some for valentines day but couldn't find them.. So i finally found some at West Elm, which seemed random! I keep them on my coffee table and they are so cool, they just live off the air, no soil needed! 

Lindsay // I got these cute wooden alphabet stamps at target in the $1 section! So cute, and so handy! 


Find any good deals, or cool treasures lately?