Indiegogo + Alt Summit

This Summer we are heading to the Alt Summit Blogging Conference in New York! We are so excited to learn more about this industry!! Up until now everything we have learned over the past year about blogging has been self taught, and it has been an awesome adventure. But in 2013 we really want to push ourselves and move forward with our blog. Alt Summit gives us an awesome oppourtunity to do just that! We have started an Indigogo (You may have heard of Kickstarted before, its the same thing!) campaign asking for your support to help us get to Alt Summit this summer. The conference will be an amazing experience and extremely beneficial to us, so that is why we are reaching out and asking for a hand! 

Please Check out our campaign HERE, and it would be SO much to us if you would share it!! Every dollar counts and we can use all the support we can get!! 


Other ways you can help: 

-You can help get our Campaign noticed by simply sharing this link >> << on twitter, facebook, or your blog!

-Commenting on our campaign will bring more supporters to it from