A Day With Tegan

I'm writing this post from Salt Lake City, Utah!

We're starting a new series called "A Day With..." where we can individually share a little bit of what is going on with us! So here goes the first one!

This is my home, I share with my husband Dan. We are currently on the road with the band Hey Ocean! Dan recently started playing guitar with them and since I haven't found a job yet since I've been home from our Aussy adventure,  I get to come along for the ride and sell merch! I snapped a few photos yesterday before we left in the afternoon, it was a beautiful day, we relaxed, Dan cooked a yummy breakfast and made some lattes and we packed up our tiny suitcases! Dan just finished mixing our EP we recorded in Australia and it's SO close to being finished! I can't wait for it to be done and share it! 

Well, I've been sitting in a van all day reading the Hunger Games 2 and playing Tetris, I'm going to go finally check my instagram and drink some really cheap Trader Joes wine! I love the states. Tomorrow we're Salt Lake all day and they play their first show tomorrow night, then we're headed to Texas for SXSW! Anyone got any roadtrip recommendations? games? apps? music? I'll take anything!

xo Tegan