Coffee Conversations

// Bethany //
Something Inspiring: Setting goals and making plans. We've got some exciting stuff happening this summer that is a good motivator to keep working hard!

Something New: I rearranged my furniture (surprise! surprise!) and cleaned out my disaster of a closet! It feels so good to not have to dig through piles of clothes to get dressed in the morning.

Something Disturbing: How many times I've made donuts recently!! I never realized how easy it was, I kind of wish I didn't know now....

Something I'm Listening To: Tegan stole my answer ;) !! Loving Half Moon Run, David and I are constantly belting out "call me in the afternoon...."

// Tegan //

Something Inspiring: How easy it is to make donuts...inspiring and scary. ha.

Something New: Dan's suddenly wanting to learn how to cook, I love it, he made me the best breakfast this week with amazing poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, and yam hashbrowns! 

Something Disturbing: The feeling I had when I finished the Deathly Hallows this week. First time reading through the HP series and I feel a little bit lost.

Something I'm Listening To: Half Moon Run has been played so much the past few months and the last few days I've heard it everywhere, so I feel like that's all I've listened to. 

// Lindsay //
Something Inspiring:
My two good friends and I signed a lease for a new house! I am SO excited to finally have a home and I have been dreaming up the way our house will look and feel, ready to finally have a real home here in Vancouver.

Something New: Since Tegan finished the HP books and is over the moon about them, I decided to start reading them. Look out world. (I never read.. this is exciting!!!!!)

Something Disturbing: I said the line yesterday, "I think my tastebuds are going through puberty!" Its incredibly true, yet.. somehow that line is incredibly disturbing. 

Something I'm Listening To: I have actually been listening to tons of Tegan and her husband Dan's band -The Klenners. Their music just brings me so much joy and comfort, and im so blessed they are my siblings!


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