Coffee Conversations

// Bethany //

Something Inspiring: This BEAUTIFUL morning. Out here winters are verrrry grey. But this morning I woke and there was so much sun pouring through the windows, it inspires me and puts me in a great mood. I'm currently sitting at a picnic table at the beach writing this... So wonderful.

Something New: tonight my husbands band is playing their new album they just finished up for the first time live, I'm excited :)

Something Disturbing: how many episodes of prison break we've watched in a week.... 21.

Something I'm listening to: Andy Shaufs album The Bearer of Bad News

// Tegan //

Something inspiring: I've been eating super green healthy smoothies for breakfast for a week now, I love it! Feels great!

Something new: Dan brought me home a beautiful Mexican blanket from his California travels! And it's my favorite color. I love it.

Something disturbing: there's this turkey sandwich at the cafe Lindsay works at, and i would say its disturbing how much i think about it. It's actually the best, if you live I'm Vancouver, go to Renzos. It will change your life.

Something I'm listening to: I'm loving The Paper Kites

// Lindsay //

Something New: my hair is pretty dry.. FriZzy and just ends up being HUGE whenever I blow dry it.. Bethy got me moroccan oil and it is changing my life. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner!

Something Inspiring: Tegan and I went to Bellingham a couple nights ago with our friends Elaine & Monika to see Dan (my bro in law, also tegans husband) play in his band Hey Ocean! Amazing band, so much fun and so inspiring to see friends so successful with their talents.

Something Disturbing: the heat in my house has been turned off so I have been borrowing Tegan's space heater. It has been saving my life. Last night the power went out. Oi.

Something I'm Listening to: Vetiver "to baby" & "I must be in a good place now"- that song was one of my favorites a few years back. Brings back hilarious memories of old summer times.