Valentines Q&A

Happy Valentines Day!!! We asked these inspirring/creative couples to answer a few loovvveeee questions for us, so read on and be sure to check these couples out online, they are worth following!

Bethany Olson, Photographer, and Cory Staudacher, Designer, are beautifully photogenic and creative couple from Seattle, WA. Check them out on Instagram @bethanyolson @withhearts 

Tell us about your first kiss:

Bethany: Well... It was real romantic and we were watching our first movie together which happened to be Mean Girls. 

Cory: We watched a funny movie but couldn't not kiss her during the movie. Super suave.


Who made the first move?

Bethany: Cory did that's for sure. 

Cory: me of course! 


Who's the better driver? 

Bethany: I think I am, but Cory's better at parallel parking.

Cory: Bethany is super slow & I can help but go fast.


Who spends the most time getting ready?

Bethany: Haha. Well let's just say I'm more high maintenance than Cory. 

Cory: let's just say when she says she is ready I have to give her another 15min.


Who's the better kisser?

Bethany: It's mutual. 

Cory: we work well together ;)


First time you saw eachother?

Bethany: The first time I saw him and met him in person was at a local restaurant with some friends a little over a year ago. But I was following him on twitter and Instagram before I even met him. 

Cory: At a restaurant/cafe.


What's your song?

Bethany: Teach me how to Dougie. 

Cory: lost for words - Angela Krüsi

Brandi and Jacob Lisenbe are a couple from Montrose, Texas. They are an awesome couple they we only through the world wibe interweb unfortunately, but one day we will meet! Check out Brandi's blog mucho mucho bueno buneo

Tell us about your first kiss?

Jacob: magical and perfect

Brandi: I was scared because everything was so intense and perfect. We had walked to CVS earlier that night where we danced and he gave me a couple cards. One was serious and the other one funny, Once we got back to my place he kept talking really close in my face and I kept saying "you can't kiss me!" 


Who made the first move?

Jacob: me of course, I'm very aggressive

Brandi: Ummmm... he did!


Who's the better driver?


Brandi: Anyone is better than me. I am crazy. He is the only one that doesn't make me car sick. When we drive to California or Colorado he only lets me drive like an hour because he can't relax.


Who spends the most time getting ready?

Jacob: depends on what we're doing. Sometimes me sometimes her

Brandi: Is this a joke? (JACOB) ask my sister this question about Jacob...


First time you saw each other?

Jacob: first day of my life

Brandi: We don't remember the first time.Fast forward 5 years I noticed him on stage at this huge bible study called Metro, I commented to my friend how happy (glowing) he looked while worshipping and I told her I hoped to find a guy who loved the Lord and wasn't a weirdo!  (At the time she was trying to convince me to break up with the guy I was dating at the time)


What's your song?

Jacob: there's so many,  Is This Love is great, Several Keith Urban songs

Brandi: Feel like making love by Bad Company. This song was playing the first time he told me he was digging me. We had walked to House of Pies at 3 am so we were in that stage of staying up every night because we were so excited and sleep deprived.


Now It's our turn.....


Tell us about your first kiss?

David: It was mid December and Bethy was dropping me off after a party. I guess love was in the air vents because it happened!

Bethany: It was the night of Lindsay's 19th Birthday, I drove David home after and He pulled the classic lean over in the car. Then he walked into the house after and all his friends were so happy that we had FINALLY kissed. 


Who made the first move?

David: I made the move but I was shaking the whole time

Bethany: He did!


Who's the better driver?

David: Bethy is a great driver but I've just done it longer...

Bethany: Well. I think we both think we are. I'm faster and a bit "abrupt" but very aware of whats around me. David is more slower and cautious. 


Who spends the most time getting ready?

David: this is a silly question

Bethany: Me... I'm indecisive. A lot of clothes end up on the floor. 


First time you saw each other?

David: it was at Green Bay Bible Camp and I saw Bethany from across the room. I thought she was her sister who I had met a year earlier. I waved  and Bethy didn't wave back, she just gave me a weird face. I didn't know what her problem was...

Bethany: Blockbuster. 


What's your song?

David: I and Love and You by the Avett Brothers

Bethany: Wake Up - Coheed and Cambria 

Tell us about your first kiss?

Dan: It was late in the evening in Tegan's parents kitchen. Doesn't sound romantic... But I tell ya, it was something special.

Tegan: We watched Marley & Me at the Dudars, Dan drove me home and kissed me in my parents kitchen before leaving.  

Who made the first move?

Dan: The first time I asked her out she turned me down. But I persisted. So I guess you could say I made the first move twice.

Tegan: Definitely Dan


Who's the better driver?

Dan: We spent the last year roaming around Australia in and old van, drove across the entire country.... I drove the whole way. Actually the whole way.

Tegan: Dan pulls some crazy moves sometimes but in general, hate to say it but probably him. 


Who spends the most time getting ready?

Dan: Tegan. I'm usually ready way before she is, but in her defence I usually have the urge to pee right as we walk out the door.

Tegan: Me, most days.


First time you saw each other?

Dan: She was dating someone else. I saw her at a church and had to try real hard to keep my thoughts Godly. Babe-Factor.

Tegan: I think at youth group, (yeaaaaars ago) Dan was messing around on the piano piano afterwards and i thought he was so cool.


What's your song?

Dan: Die in your arms - Justin Bieber

Tegan: In my arms - Jon Foreman