Coffee Conversations



Lately there has been lots of work and planning going on when we get together. It feels great! We're really excited about some of the plans we have for 2013. After a bit of a lull when we were all constantly getting seperated by different travels, It's nice to all be able to work from the same room and bounce ideas off eachother!

// Lindsay //


Something Inspiring my coworker was wearing black nail polish with sparkly blue polish on top. Caught my eye. Caught my heart. Anything with sparkles catches my heart, now I'm inspired for the first time in years to wear nail polish.

Something New I have some new friends who are let's say, a bit of a few beer snobs- in a good way. They know beer, they know good beer. Now I've never been a beer person because I always thought it tasted like pee. My friends informed me it was because I was drinking gross light beer. I figured if I was drinking light beer and not enjoying it, there was no way I'd like dark beer. Mind blown- life changed. Dark beer is gooooooood! So, If you hate beer, try dark! Might change your mouth bud experience. Thanks beer- friends.

Something Disturbing I went grocery shopping and realized I forgot how to go grocery shopping. I have been so busy in life lately to even have time to cook meals! Hopefully next week my "something new" question will be answered with "Ive been making super healthy and appetizing meals!"

Something I'm listening one of my favorite artists St. Vincent. It reminds me of fall of last year, driving across Canada with some of my best friends. So inspiring.

// Bethany //


Something Inspiring I bought the "What Katie ate" cookbook (which after my bookstore points only cost me $10 woot woot!) and I have been making so many more yummy recipes!! There is something about a good looking book that makes me want to cook haha. But really, there is some seriously good food in there!

Something New David and I decided to eat only veggies and fruit for a few days, just to give it a try. So far so good! Lots of hummus, smoothies, salad, kale chips.

Something Disturbing watch vegucated. It's disturbing what you don't know about your food.

Something I'm listening to Lana Del Ray. I don't care what anyone says about that girl, I love her!!

// Tegan //


Something Inspiring I've been much more crafty than usual, I'm really loving finally being settled in my own place and coming up with lots of DIY's all around my home!

Something New I got an amazing new-to-me leather love seat this week, I'm in love with it.

Something Disturbing How many whisky-ginger's i've had to drink this week ;) kidding, but Bethany definitely got me hooked!

Something I'm listening to Dan got me lots of Joni Mitchel albums for Christmas, I've been listening to heaps of her!