A Month Of Coffee // Revolver Coffee Part II


Last week we shared with you part I of our visit with Vancouver's Revolver Coffee where we learnt the difference between a Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, and Macchiato. This week we are sharing with you what we learned about steaming milk and latte art designs.

Revolver is one of our favourite cafes in Gastown, Vancouver. George and all of his staff are dedicated to making the perfect cup of coffee for every customer. With a rotating menu from world class roasters across North America, Revolver could stand on their coffee alone, but they realize that the customers experience is just as important as the product. Their new shop Archive, built and recently opened next door to the cafe adds to the experience in creating a unique and authentic coffee community. 

With George's help, we learned the proper way to steam milk and make the perfect latte! 

Step One: Pour your milk into a cold pitcher. You will need a 20oz pitcher for a 12oz drink, or a 12oz pitcher for a 6-8oz drink. It is important that you have the appropriate size pitcher for the drink you are making. The pitcher to milk ratio is very important in making the perfect drink. Once you have the right pitcher, pour milk to a finger length below spout.

Step Two: Before steaming your milk, always purge the steam wand to release a build up of water in the wand.

Step Three: Submerge the wand in the pitcher and have the milk level with the wand as you begin to steam. Airrate at surface at milk and sink the wand at 100degrees. Stop steaming milk at your desired temperature. Average milk temperature is 120-140 degrees.

*To get your desired temperature be sure to stop the milk just before it is reached, for the milk will continue to heat up.

*If your milk is too hot, you will lose the flavour; the colder it is the sweeter the flavour.

In the end your milk should be a cohesive thickness, not too watery, foamy or bubbly. It should have the consistency of a bucket of paint. Wrap the milk (by swirling the milk by moving the pitcher in a circular motion) so that any extra bubbles escape.

Take a look at the video below where George from Revolver taught us some very useful tips and tricks when steaming milk for your favourite coffee drinks. 


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