In The Studio // Happy New Years!

This past year was a big one for us, We can't believe how much has happened in our lives and with the blog when we think about where we were a year ago today. In January we introduced a new series of posts to blog, including; Mmm Monday, Show & Tell, Whatcha Wearing Wednesday (Just a "revamped" version of an original t&t series), Homemade, and Coffee Conversations. We posted within those 5 categories from January to November, and now we have said goodbye to them and started something new. So, to look back on this year we've picked out each of our favourites from those weekly series. 

Bethany_new Years.jpg

Bethany's Picks

Mmm Monday: Homemade Donuts - This was definitely my favourite recipe we made this year. I love donuts, and was so excited to finally perfect an at home recipe! With these over-the-top toppings, they were absolutely delicious! 

Show & Tell: March 26th was my favourite Show & Tell because Sid was in it! I love that pup so much. 

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday:  February 6th was one of my favourite WWWs. I'm not sure why really... I think it just gives me a happy feeling. Tegan had just gotten back from Australia so we were all finally in the same place, excited to be working on the blog together, and cozied up for winter! 

Homemade: Butter in a Jar was my favourite! It was so fun (and easy) to make just by shaking the jar! Then we just sat around eating so much delicious butter and crackers! 

Coffee Conversations: September 27th was such a delicious "Coffee Conversation," we made a big breakfast and sat around chatting and eating. Perfect! 

tegan_new Years.jpg

Tegan's Picks

Mmm Monday: Perfect Iced Coffee was my favourite recipe of this year, it was so delicious, and it was the best way to have coffee last Summer! Makes me excited for warm weather and cold drinks now that I'm looking back on that post! 

Show & Tell: July 15  because it was the best birthday surprise to come home from NY to! i love my Instax, it's been a lot of fun.

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday: This Much and Little  sponsored post was so much fun, I loved wearing these beautiful Lauren Moffat dresses and wanted to keep them all!

Homemade: Almond Milk. Hands down. This is one of our recipes that I have made over and over again, I'm so glad that we did this because it made me realize how easy it is to make! If you haven't tried this and are an almond milk drinker, this is a must!

Coffee Conversations:  Other than the fact that we were all apart for this Coffee Conversations, it's one of my favourites. I was heading home from a very fun time touring the States with my husband and coming back to these girls! That was such a fun time for me, getting away and exploring the big Country of America for 5 weeks! Oh man, and my "something disturbing" is one moment I think about often!

20131219-lindsay_new Years.jpg

Lindsay's Picks

Mmm Monday: These Fluffy Pumpkin Cookies are to die for. They are somewhere in between a cookie and a scone. My roommate Monika made some for me when I came home from tour in the summer, and we just had to put them on the blog and share with you all. If you haven't tried making them, do it now! They are incredible. 

Show & Tell: We took a visit to Le Marche St George, one of my favourite places! It is the cutest cafe with the overwhelming feel of a simple, countryside lifestyle. They have incredible food and coffee, and on top of that, they carry amazing products. I always feel inspired after a visit to Le Marche. 

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday: Beach Day was such a lovely day. We took a walk down to Crescent beach where I hadn't visited in so long! Such a beautiful area, it always reminds me of when I was young, chasing crabs and building sandcastles. 

Homemade: Coffee Icecubes & Homemade Jello Shots! Both are just perfect for summer days, and so much fun to make! 

Coffee Conversations: I couldn't decide between Our Autumn Farm Day & Our Day at Playland. Both of those were incredible days and I am so nostalgic over them. For our Autumn farm day, we had the opportunity to be involved with Feast of Fields at Krauss Berry Farms. It was such a beautiful day, as we walked around testing out different wines and local organic farm foods. Afterward we went and played in the cornfield where we took these pictures. The Day at playland was also a huge highlight. Spending a summertime day with friends eating cotton candy and going on rides is bound to make the day perfect. Our best friend Kir came along with us and we got some fun photos that really captured the magic of that day. Photos that make you realized how lucky and grateful you are to have amazing friends.