Customize Your Starbucks


Chai Tea Latte // 2 Pumps Vanilla // Soy // No Water  

This is definitely the TASTIEST way to order your chai tea latte. It's super creamy because of the soy milk/no water and perfectly sweet with the yummy vanilla flavour in there. 


This is my favourite comfort Starbucks drink, any time of the year, the matcha is already sweetened so I always have it without the extra classic syrup, it's so tasty and creamy, so good!


Eggnog!! I can't explain how excited I was when November 1 was upon us and eggnog was on the shelves. Starbucks has a great eggnog latte but it is a bit too thick and sweet for me. I love it with reduced fat, which is about two thirds eggnog with non-fat milk so it is a bit watered down. I throw in 2 pumps of mocha once in a while when I cant decide between a mocha and an eggnog latte!