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This is our first video in our "A Month Of" Series! Every month we will be focusing on a topic we want to learn more about and will find an expert in the trade to teach us a basic how-to on that topic! This is our good friend Andrew Spencer from Catalyst Coffee who teaches us the proper brewing method for using a Chemex, we hope this video helps you as much as it has helped us.

We want to hear from you! What do you want to see in our "A Month Of" videos? Any topics you want to learn more about? 

Brewing Method:

Boil water, scale out 44g coffee and grind. Rinse the paper filter to eliminate the paper taste and preheat the carafe. Dump the rinse water, empty ground coffee into filter, tare the scale and start pouring water in until all of the grounds are sufficiently wet (about 80g). Wait about 30-45 seconds, continue pouring slowly in a small circular pattern until scale reads 700g. Once the coffee finishes dripping through (3-5 minutes) remove filter with grounds in it and enjoy.
-Andrew Spencer // Catalyst Coffee

Tips from Andrew

-Only use freshly ground coffee (within 15 min)
-Only use freshly roasted coffee (within 4 weeks of roast date)
-Use a burr grinder to maintain a consistent grind. I use the hario mini mill (find here) but there are a lot of great ones, both manual or automatic. My dream grinder is this bad boy (find here)

-share with friends. Coffee, like many things, is best when shared.

G I V E A W A Y   / /  To kick off the "A Month Of..." side of our YouTube Channel we want to give you some coffee goodies! A Chemex Filter Drip Coffee Maker, a box of Chemex Filters, and 3 Mast Brothers Stumptown Coffee Chocolate Bars from Old Faithful Shop. To enter in this giveaway you must subscribe to the Treasures & Travels YouTube Channel and leave your username (details below). **Every share of the How to Brew Coffee Using a Chemex on facebook & twitter counts as an extra entry! 

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