Hair Routine X 3


Lindsay// I am an up-do kinda girl. I usually like my hair out of my face, but still like to find ways to make it look cute and intentional. I have really thick dry hair that is hard to control, but I guess over the years I have learned how to tame it (a bit!)

Washing: I usually go as long as I can without washing (usually 3-4 days) because the dirtier my hair is, the more I seem to like it and it's easier to work with. When my hair is clean it usually doesn't cooperate. Lately I have been loving Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo & conditioner. I rotate between that conditioner and a Blonde conditioner at the moment to help keep my blonde from fading. It smells very pepperminty and is made with tea tree oil which helps protect my hair from sun & heat, which is great because I straighten my hair after every wash.

Styling: I always shower at night so that my hair can air dry over night, you do not want to see what a blowdryer does to my hair (seriously scary)! After combing my hair through, I put in moroccan oil to help smooth out the natural frizziness of my hair (which has enhanced since bleaching it). In the morning I spray my hair with Free Your Mane Reviving Spray and straighten it. I usually try to curl my hair with my straightener to give it a bit more wave. Normally when I wear my hair down I usually like to completely pull back one side from my face and either braid it or pin it back. I usually go two days with wearing it down then start doing some top knots when my hair gets a bit messy and greasier.

This and that.. I dry shampoo all the time, it is perfect for lasting those last couple days, makes your hair smell and look fresh. I usually use Kevin Murphy, but my Mom & her sister have a new business selling all natural products called Pink House Natural Solutions. I have been using their Dry shampoo religiously. It is amazing, and I actually like it better than the salon brands! It lasts longer than the other ones I have tried, and keeps my hair smelling so nice. It is powder based instead of a spray so it lasts way longer, and really blends into your hair easily! 


Tegan // My hair is thick and straight, my hair is either down and straight or up in a top knot. Even though Linds & I are sisters, we could not have more opposite hair. I have to say, I was blessed with probably close to the easiest to manage hair you can ask for, seriously, such a blessing.

Washing: I wash my hair every 4-6 days, depending on what's happening on day 5 or 6 (and if what I'm doing allows me to pull off a questionable top knot or throw on a toque!) To be honest, I really try to go as long as possible. I wash my hair in the morning, my hair just feels way too clean to me on that first day, so I usually wash my hair in the evening. As far as products go, I really don't have a favourite shampoo, at the moment I'm using just a no-name organic shampoo, and have just started using conditioner again now that it's starting to grow out and starting to get tangly. I usually wash my hair at night and let it air dry. 

Styling: Like I said, I'm pretty low maintenance with my hair, I use a blow dryer for a few minutes just to dry my bangs and to add a little heat to all of my hair. I don't use any product, I usually toss my damp hair in a loose bun to give it some messy curls and that's about it! When I'm styling my hair, I love Moroccan Oil Hair Spray for extra hold and to keep my bangs in place. My hair is fairly straight, if I want to add some volume and mess I throw in some loose curls, (similar to this) add a little back-coming and teasing at the ends and give it a spray! I love low pony's, braids and top-knots! My recent favourite style is the braided crown, it's adds some fun, and we have a tutorial coming soon, which since doing has even helped me figure out how to tackle that one!

This and That: I am, and always have been a big fan of dry shampoo, until about a week ago I have always used the Batiste brand, but I've since converted to my own mother and aunt's brand of dry shampoo! I am loving it so much, it keeps my hair feeling fresh, clean, and it's even for dark hair! I apply it on day 1 so my hair isn't so shiny. I love that I can put products in my hair that I know aren't harmful, I just feel so bad about inhaling and spraying nasty chemicals on my body. 


Bethany //  I have about 3 styles that I usually rotate through with my hair.. down & slightly curled, Low bun, or when it really needs a wash the top knot. 

Washing: I will typically go four days without washing my hair. When it is time for a wash I shower at night using Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Rinse, and Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask (because my hair needs some major repairing). After the shower I towel dry it, spray the ends with a generous amount of Lakme Instant Hair Conditioner and brush it out. I shower at night because I like to use as little heat as possible on my hair, so then I am able to air dry it overnight. 

Styling: The only styling product that I use on a regular basis is Kevin Murphy Damage Manager (a heat protector). The morning after washing I'll spend a little more time on my hair, going through layer by layer adding really loose waves (See tutorial). This will usually last me a few days, I just add few fresh curls on top the following mornings. Once my hair isn't looking so fresh anymore I still try to push it a day or so before washing it, the less you strip your hair of its natural oils the better! On these days I spray some Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair (Dry shampoo) into my roots and it will usually mask any shiny areas. Then I'll throw my hair up into a high top knot or pull it back into a low bun (if my bangs are looking clean enough to stay down...)

This and that... I usually get asked how I make my hair look messy, the truth is that I have pretty dry hair from switching colours way too often. After years of backcombing it has kind of just learned to be messy. BUT if you have nice silky hair and want to fake that mess here are a few tips: Kevin Murphy Hair Resort will give your hair that salty, piecey, and a little bit sticky feeling (in a good way). Spray this through your ends and rub it in. Add backcombing at the roots, and through the ends! I think that people usually feel a bit shy about this, they love it when they see it on other people but they feel like a cave woman when they see it on themselves. Just try it ;) If you have pin-straight hair try adding some loose waves like in the tutorial I linked above. Even just a couple random ones will keep your hair from looking perfect but also without just being completely "wonky". There is a fine line between styled mess, and I just woke up mess.