In The Studio

In The Studio is a new series we're bringing to the blog. It's a chance for us to take some fun photos and share with you little snippets of our lives! This week has been the start of a new season for Treasures & Travels - on Tuesday we launched our YouTube Channel, we shared with you the studio where we have been working, and spruced up our blog a little. Over these past few months we have set a lot of goals, and started working three days a week in the studio. This week we're going to kick this series off by just talking about what we're each excited for in this new season for Treasures & Travels. 


This summer I started to feel like I was running pretty low on creativity and inspiration. I have such a love for blogging, but after doing very structured posts for a year I felt like I was trapped in a box, and posting was a bit of a chore. In August when we started meeting to talk about what we wanted to come next for T&T it released all of those creative juices again! I started to feel inspired by the many different things that we could do with the blog. I'm really excited to have so many areas to be creative with the blog, in the photos, design, and now videos! I'm excited to be constantly reinventing our brand and content. 
I'm also thrilllllllllled about our new studio! It's beautiful, and makes a world of difference for us to be able to come to an "office" everyday where we can just focus on T&T. We're currently all sitting at our long table working away, sipping hot drinks and listening to Christmas music. Seriously, what a dream for us! 

- Bethany


Wow, so many changes for this new season! I am so excited that the new inspiration and fun ventures we have been working toward are finally here! It is so good to continue to always be moving forward, trying to push yourself out of the box we often find we put ourselves in. 
One of my favourite parts about blogging is connecting with other businesses and learning about what other people are passionate about. I'm excited about being at a place with our blog where we can work together to help each other out. I love that our YouTube channel will give us different opportunities and will take us on (hopefully!)  many new adventures. I can't wait to meet more inspiring people who will challenge us to do new things. 
I love videography and am very excited to incorporate this into our blog. There is something about film that just translates differently and creates a certain kind of magic. We hope this will create a way to better connect with you all!

- Lindsay


I am so excited about our studio! I remember so clearly the night after a full day of Alt Summit in New York this past June, we were so inspired talking about dreams we had for our business and our blog. That was when we first had the idea to get a studio space. We talked about how exciting it would be to maybe have a little room where we could store everything and work from. Boy, I feel like since we planted those ideas they have fully come to life even bigger and better than we expected. This place is so inspiring, peaceful, and it's just so much fun having a place to come to and work. 
I have always loved making videos and editing, so when the idea of YouTube started forming I was so excited! Like Bethany said about feeling uninspired and stuck with the blog, we definitely were all feeling that way, it feels like we have a lot more inspiration and creativity happening these days which is so refreshing. I feel so blessed that we get to do what we do.

- Tegan