A look in our studio


We are so excited to share our new space with you! We have been working here for the past month in this adorable little carriage house and it has been so much fun! We started getting this idea in our head in June while we were at Alt Summit to have our own studio space. We had been doing all of our posts in Tegan's kitchen and been doing one day a week together which made a huge difference for us! We all knew we wanted to pursue this more full time and have somewhere we could work and just be that was apart from our homes. It has given us so much inspiration and creativity being able to work here, it was such a fun project. Huge changes were made to this space with the help of Bethany's brother-in-law Drew who built these amazing tables with wood from Bethany's old shed. He also ripped out the old carpet, put in the new flooring, re-built the mini-kitchen unit, and installed the lights. He did so much work and we are so appreciative for that help! We hope you enjoy the new look of the blog, we have lots more exciting stuff to come, and a whole lot of new content we can't wait to share with you! We wanted to keep it all a bit of a surprise because it's just more fun that way and we hope you love it.