Coffee Conversations


// Bethany //  

My Makeup Routine: Lets start at bedtime... I recently switched to washing my face with the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Skincare (I recieved the travel set from Eco Diva and I would HIGHLY recommend getting one for yourself to try out the full set of products, I already have my favourites on my Christmas list!) I then apply the night cream, and then when I wake up go to the day cream. My face has been feeling so smooth, and dewy since I started on these products and thats what I love to start with when doing my make up. I use Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation all over to get me a blank canvas, then I add Clinique's Sunblushed Bronzer on my cheeks, nose, and forehead. For my eyes I use L'oreal's Lineur Intense Liquid Liner to do a cat eye look, and then add Covergirl's LashBlast Volume Mascara I pick mascara depending on the brush, and this one is my fave! 

Favourite Vancouver Dinner Spot: Oh man, there are some gooooddd restaurants in Vancouver. I think that right now one of favourites is The Flying Pig in Yaletown, I love the food and vibe.  

Something I'd like to Achieve:  I feel like there are so many different ways I could go with this answer... business, long term, short term. But I think I'm gonna go with everyday life. In my everyday life I want to be a person that is welcoming, Godly, hospitable, and humble. I want to create an environment in our home that is peaceful and feels love-filled for my husband, our kids to come, and company. 

Favourite Childhood Memory:  I have no idea how to pick a favourite, I have SO many! So I'm just gonna go with the first that comes to mind... Probably because I just came clean about this in the past few years. (Please don't think less of me after reading this haha) I was probaby about 5 or 6 and my sister and I were eating lunch in the kitchen. My mom gave us each a piece of cake to eat when we finished our lunch. She sat down in the next room and was watching tv. Everytime my sister turned around to look at the tv I took a bite of my cake (before my lunch was finished, rebel to the core, i know.) Then when my cake was gone before my food I got scared that I was gonna get in trouble, so I shouted out "Mummy! Megan ate my cake when I wasn't looking!!" Megan pleaded innocence but I guess I was rather convincing because my sister ended up getting a spanking and I got to eat her cake as well. I can't believe my conscience let me do that, what an awful child haha!! That obviously is not the fondest memory of my childhood, just a funny one! 



// Tegan //  

My Makeup Routine:  This is something that changes often these days, but this last month I've been using this Kiehl's cleanser at night (after using coconut oil to remove eye makeup, so good) followed by Burt's Bees herbal blemish stick (thanks for the recommendation megan!) My Makeup routine is the same foundation as Lindsay - I've been using bare minerals for years and love it. I've also been testing out a foundation my mom & aunt made this past week and am loving it! Next is a brow pencil, my favorite eye liner, mascara (always changing) and Mac blush in bright magenta.

Favourite Vancouver Dinner Spot: For some reason all the places that come to mind involve pizza. I looooove Pizza Farina. They're open at 5pm and are open until the dough runs out! It's a tiny, cozy little spot, last time I went I got their very last pizza, so that always makes it exciting, but you'll want to go early! Other favourite pizza spot is a block away from my house, cheap slices, it's hard to not just grab a $2 slice of tomato, spinach and feta every time I'm walking home from the bus stop!

Something I'd like to Achieve:  This question has me stumped! There are so many things, one thing on the top of my list involves travelling, I can't wait to drive across the country in a motor home with my family, so many trips down the coast to California. This is something I grew up doing almost every year with my family and they are some of my most favourite memories! I also want to master the art of making croissants! I also have been dreaming of buying Betty, the van we drove around Australia in and getting her to Vancouver somehow, I know it's nearly impossible and incredibly expensive, but I'm dreaming of it, I would love to take her on many more road trips!

Favourite Childhood Memory: Some of my favourite memories involve my grandma. She used to live in the bottom floor of the big pink house we grew up in and every Sunday morning she used to make us kids breakfast - oatmeal, chocolate milk, and every once in a while she would bake these amazing blueberry muffins that were so good. We would go and have breakfast with her before church and I have such happy memories of that! She also taught me piano lessons, and she used to take us to visit her mom in the seniors home every few Saturdays. Linds, my cousin Raquel and I would sing songs to all the seniors there and then she would take us for lunch. 



// Lindsay //  

My Makeup Routine: The past couple years I have been using Bare Minerals Powder foundation and it is amazing. It has been way healthier for my skin than the cheaper foundation I was using prior. My Mom is in the process of making completely natural cosmetics, so I have been testing out those and they have been incredible!! Can't wait to share the products with you. All I use after that is a bit of bronzer, maybe some blush on my cheeks, and then my favourite mascara by L'Oreal: Voluminous . I have tried many mascara's and I always return to this one. 

Favourite Vancouver Dinner Spot: For pizza I love Famoso, It is an incredible Neapolitan pizza cooked at 900F for 90 seconds in an authentic Bell Oven. The staff are always so kind, and there is gelato for dessert! For comfort food I love Burgoo. It is such a cozy atmosphere and the soup is really amazing. 

Something I'd like to Achieve:  It has always been a huge dream of mine to write and record a solo album. It is a bit scary even putting that out there, but I would love to one day see that come to be. 

Favourite Childhood Memory:  Man, if you know me, you know that my mind gets lost in my childhood sometimes. I am incredibly nostalgic and love anything to do with those times. I think one of the funniest memories I can think of is when Tegan & I dressed up as old ladies.. long dresses to the floor, heels, gloves, pearls, and wigs.. and we thought it would be so funny if we went outside around to the front door and pretended to be lost. We were seriously convinced that our parents would not recognize us, (we were 4 feet tall..) and we knocked and put on granny voices over top of our giggles. We couldn't believe that our parents knew right away that it was us. 



Spending lots of our time recently in this beautiful space, can't wait to share more about it soon!